Vali Trini'qar

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Vali Trini'qar
Service Information
Branch Draconian Fighter Corps
Royal Hapan Navy
Rank Grand Marshall (Ret.)
Position Commanding Officer
Military Service 3963–4016
Biographical Information
Species Hapan
Homeworld Anarbold, Mathonore
Mother Vanie Trini'qar
Father Dalar Trini'qar
Spouse None
Issue None
Born August 2, 3947
Additional & Historical Information
Additional Positions Baroness
Prior Service Draconian Logistics
Awards TBC

Vali Trini'qar (also known as Spitfire and Baroness of Blood) is a former military officer who was a fighter ace during the Hapan civil war and reached the rank Grand Marshall of the Draconian Union's Fighter Corps. She reformed the way starfighters were used in space combat in the Hapes Cluster and was also known for destroying the former flagship of the Royal Family, the Star Home.

Her trademark during the civil war was her easy-going nature and fondness for alcohol and tobacco. Her commanding officers were often outraged by the fact that she drank on duty and before going in to battle, but she insisted it raised her combat effectiveness.

Following the war she was tried and convicted of war crimes, supposedly on false charges, and sentenced to execution by spacing. Following an appeal the verdict was changed to lifetime in prison which she served until 4025 when her name was forgotten and she received a pardon by the Governor of the Lorell system. Today she lives a quiet life on Alsnin.


Early Life

Vali Trini'qar was born on Anarbold in the Mathonore system in 3947 and was the first and only child of Baroness Vanie Trini'qar. The planet and its noble houses were not particularly wealthy as the planet's status within the splintered Hapes Consortium was not particularly high. The girl went to school on Selab to prepare for her eventual ascension to head of House Trini'qar, but was fascinated by the Draconian Union's war propaganda.

She developed a love for alcohol and tobacco as she began to frequent the few taverns located near one of Selab's largest military bases. Here she was inspired by fighter pilots from the small and underrated Draconian Fighter Corps. By the age of 16 she had dropped all plans of becoming a politician and instead enlisted in the Draconian Armed Forces.

Military Career

Rising Star

Trini'qar rapidly completed her training with the Draconian Fighter Corps and was shipped to the frontlines in 3964 as typical "meat for the grinder". As the daughter of a Turilii noble, she received the starting rank of Lieutenant and was given an out-of-date Olan'til Interceptor in the Fire Squadron. As the Draconian leadership had begun replacing Olan'tils with the new Olanji/Charubah-produced Miy'cal Interceptors, her assignment was considered doomed from the start.

Fire Squadron was attached to the Fire Wing of the 21st Draconian Escort Fleet and saw extensive action at third battle of the Keltros Expanse. It was here that Trini'qar's talent as a fighter pilot caught the attention of the Draconian admiralty. Despite massive losses, the young noble managed to kill 11 enemy fighters in the skirmish. Her name was specifically mentioned in a report that the commander of the 21st Draconian Escort Fleet made to Lady Alidra Olanji of Charu and Trini'qar was summarily promoted to Lieutenant Commander and received leadership of the Fire Squadron in 3966.

Following impressive kill counts and victory in numerous engagements together with the 21st Draconian Escort Fleet, Trini'qar and her squadron were transferred in to the core of Charu's defense fleet, namely the 2nd Draconian Order and was attached to the flagship Star of Olanji. The squadron's fighters were replaced by Miy'cal Interceptors on direct order from Lady Olanji. She saw extensive action at the first battle of Charu in 3968 when the Sword Confederacy attempted to destroy the Charu Wheels. Following this engagement she was awarded the Shield of Dragons and promoted to the rank of Commander.

She received command of a full wing of fighters which she named the Spitfire Wing with the leading squadron called Spitfire Squadron. The name originated from the nickname she had acquired from her fellow fighter pilots, namely "Spitfire". Her name was respected throughout the Draconian Union's military and she was feared by the Sword Confederacy's fighter pilots. But rather than be assigned to the frontlines against the Confederacy, Trini'qar and her squadron were involved with the Draconian campaigns against the treacherous splinter-group called the Victory Alliance.

The Spitfire Wing was transferred to the 9th Draconian Order under command of House Shaa in 3970. It participated in a number of key engagements over the following years, including the pinnacle battle of the campaign, the second battle of Dreema in 3972. During this particular battle, Trini'qar lost most of her squadron members as they took on the Victory Alliance's flagship Song of Fire. Trini'qar jettisoned from her fighter and was picked up by a Draconian carrier. She boarded a Druui Assault Bomber and lifted off, taking on the Song of Fire by herself. As she fired a RAGoC 170-X warhead in to the bridge of the enemy cruiser she yelled "Here comes the pain!" which later became a popular quote and slogan of the Draconian Fighter Corps.

The second battle of Queen-Mother's Pearls.

The victory at Dreema earned her the rank of Captain and overall command of all fighters within the fleet as she was transferred to the 5th Draconian Order. She once again led the Spitfire Squadron, attached to Fist of Ci'hani, in to numerous dangerous engagements. In 3974 the fleet became part of a massive task force that intercepted the Star Home in the Temporal Clouds between the Hapan system and Abaem system. Trini'qar's fighters successfully penetrated the defense of the old flagship of the Royal Family and destroyed it. Her starfighter was caught in the explosion of the massive vessel and the young Captain lost her legs in the process. It is rumoured that the destruction of the Star Home angered nobles of the Draconian Union who had supposedly wanted to capture it, but Trini'qar never expressed any regret over the incident.

Following the decisive victory in the second battle of Queen-Mother's Pearls in 3975, Trini'qar unexpectedly requested transfer to the Draconian Logistical Corps where she pursued a career as a freighter pilot.

Logistical Officer

As the commanding officer of the 189th Draconian Logistics Wing, Trini'qar personally commanded the old and battered XGH-50 stock freighter called Firebreather. She had a regular route within the Draconian Union's territory, which consisted of regular visits to worlds and stations within the Irrea Mist. Her station was the Charu Wheels, but she rarely spent any time there due to an urgent need for arms and supplies across Draconian space. Due to her ship's poor condition, she rarely visited any combat zones apart from the asteroid known as XY322098 within the Orthwell system.

During the siege of XY322098 in 3978 she assisted the local Draconian forces as they were tasked with sneaking in to the Sword Confederacy's bunker on the massive asteroid. She piloted the captured HCHT-3700 known as Sword of Inaq carrying the Draconian troops and used a Sword Confederacy access code to pass through the bunker's airlock. The mission was considered a huge success as it ended in the bunker's destruction.

Princess Da'tanah visited XY322098 on the following day together with Regent Lady Ci'hani. During the victory ceremony on the Draconian bunker, the Princess extended an invitation to Trini'qar to return to the Draconian Fighter Corps as the commanding officer of the monarch's honour guard. She accepted the offer, reportedly somewhat reluctantly, after conferring with friends she had made at the base.

Princess' Honour Guard

Trini'qar was once again given command of the Spitfire Squadron which was then attached to the flagship of the Draconian Union, the Dream of Darkness. She was thrust back in to action shortly thereafter and participated in a number of large scale battles within the Rifle Worlds region. Her return to the Draconian Fighter Corps seemingly discouraged the Sword Confederacy's leadership from sending their more vulnerable starfighters in to battle and had an apparent impact on morale among Confederacy fighter pilots.

For her performance as commanding officer of the honour guard, she was promoted to Colonel in 3980. The admiralty of the Draconian Navy convinced Princess Da'tanah to transfer Trini'qar and Spitfire Squadron to the 7th Draconian Order in 3981 in order to bring the formidable pilot back to the critical frontlines.

Baroness of Blood

Upon her mother's death in 3982, Trini'qar became the new head of House Trini'qar and also became overall executive officer of the Draconian Fighter Corps. She participated in a number of important battles against the Sword Confederacy and also the rising Phoenix Movement. Among her adversaries within the Phoenix Movement, she was nicknamed the "Baroness of Blood", rather than "Spitfire", due to her new noble title.

Her achievements, combined with the frequent executions of non-noble higher ranking members of the Draconian Armed Forces, caused a rapid advancement through the ranks during this decade. She made Marshall in 3989 as she received command of the Draconian Fighter Corps and was eventually elevated to Grand Marshall in 3991.

Grand Marshall

While Grand Marshall of the Draconian Fighter Corps, her role within the Draconian Armed Forces became more and more ceremonial, which she frequently complained about to Lady Ci'hani. While she craved battle and combat, the Draconian admiralty feared losing her as she had become a symbol of the immortality of the Draconian fighter pilots.

While a talented fighter pilot, Trini'qar was no tactician and failed to provide when asked to outline large campaigns and plan battles. It would seem her expertise was limited to starfighters and starfighter-related scenarios. Seeing how the Draconian Fighter Corps rarely worked without accompanying a fleet in to battle, her tactical usefulness became fairly limited to the admiralty. She was, however, tasked with developing a tactic for defeating Damar Cantii, the Phoenix Movement's best fighter ace. Following a number of failed attempts to kill or capture Cantii in combat by elite members of the Draconian Fighter Corps, Trini'qar set up an elaborate trap in the Keltros Expanse in 3994. Using the captured Kalyna Amethius as bait, she then singlehandedly engaged Cantii and his Phoenix Wing squadron in combat, killing all his wingmates before disabling the leading fighter.

The capture of Cantii once again made Trini'qar extremely popular with Princess Datanah. Cantii was executed in public while Trini'qar was awarded the Dragon Eye, highest medal of the Draconian Armed Forces.

While she participated in the second battle of Gallinore, even her abilities could not tilt the odds of the massive space battle. She barely escaped from the battle and retreated along with the rest of the Draconian ships, following the destruction of Princess Da'tanah's flagship, the Dream of Darkness.

Post-War Life

Trini'qar became part of the re-unified Hapes Consortium's Royal Hapan Armed Forces in a largely ceremonial role. The admiralty did not dare take her rank away but rather assigned her to an unimportant outpost as the role of the starfighter was largely reduced within the Royal Hapan Navy, which did not have its own fighter corps due to lack of quality hyper-capable starfighters.

A re-arrangement of provinces on Anarbold in 4000, House Trini'qar was dissolved and her title revoked.

Trial & Sentence

Trini'qar was arrested by members of the military police in the spring of 4016. She was charged with war crimes in relation to the destruction of numerous freighters during the Hapan civil war which had supposedly been carrying civilians. As House Trini'qar had been dissolved, she was no longer protected by the Gallinore Accords which gave immunity to all Hapan nobility after the conflict.

The prosecutor in the case was Ocal Denthiir, a former Overseer of House Vali'dara. The former ruling houses of the Draconian Union sent the young naval officer and son of Lord Tylger, Alexander Tylger, to act as Trini'qar's defense attorney.

The charges were involved the following notable incidents among countless others:

The destruction of the Star Home was also mentioned, as it was considered a priceless symbol of the Hapes Consortium's history and identity, but was dismissed following an elaborate listing of other so called wonders of the Hapes Consortium destroyed during the Hapan civil war.

The trial was lengthy and dominated by what the media described as an elaborate circus of words and accusations. King Andrew seemingly ignored the case altogether as he had previously expressed that he had no love for Trini'qar who was responsible for the deaths of many key members of the old Phoenix Movement during the Hapan civil war.

Trini'qar pleaded not guilty to the charges, insisting that everything she did was in accordance with orders from the Draconian Union's admiralty and leadership. She also mentioned that the Victory Alliance, and also the Sword Confederacy to some extent, marked munition and troop transports with civilian markings and identification codes during the conflict.

In the end she was found guilty of a number of charges (albeit not all) and was summarily sentenced to death by spacing.

"We were once young and blessed with wings. No heights could keep us from their reach. No sacred place we did not soar. Still, greater things burned within us. I don't regret the choices that I've made. I know you feel the same. Moments lost though time remains... I am so proud of what we were. No pain remains, no feeling. Grant me wings that I might fly again. My restless soul is longing. No pain remains, no feeling. Eternity awaits!" Grand Marshall Vali Trini'qar's closing speech at her trial, following the reading of the sentence.

After an appeal to the King, the sentence was changed to lifetime imprisonment and she was considered retired from the military rather than dishonourably discharged. She was imprisoned at a maximum security facility on the moon Teron.

Governor's Pardon

In 4025, Governor Tylger arranged to have Trini'qar pardoned. Many had forgotten about the case or simply did not care anymore. King Andrew had grown too old and sick to care about Trini'qar's fate. While the families of some of Trini'qar's "victims" lodged complaints with the Hapan justice department, the pardon became set in stone upon Tylger's rise to the position Prime Minister and Regent in 4026.

Trini'qar decided not to return to the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and rather used her family's assets to purchase an estate on Alsnin where she still resides today.


Trini'qar's Miy'cal Interceptor, the "Spitfire".

Kill count

Vali Trini'qar's kill count is the highest recorded in Hapan history.

  • 2326 starfigher kills
  • 570 freighter kills
  • 12 capital cruiser kills


  • "Here comes the pain!" - While destroying the Song of Fire.
  • "Like your sex life... Boring." - To a reporter when asked how her prison sentence at Teron had been.
  • "Nothing like a Hapan Ale to increase combat efficiency." - On her use of alcohol while on duty.
  • "I'll be honest with you. It's a piece of shit." - To King Andrew after reviewing the new "pride of the navy", the foreign Z-95 Headhunter.

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