Twelfth Battle of the Knot Holes

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Twelfth Battle of the Knot Koles
Conflict:Hapan Civil War
Date:October 20, 3991
Place:Knot Holes, Rifle Worlds
Outcome:Draconian Union victory
Sword Confederacy invasion of the Rifle Worlds thwarted
Charu system exposed
Previous:Fourth Battle of Mathonore
Next:Second Battle of Charu

Draconian Union

Sword Confederacy

  • Unknown†

2nd Draconian Order




The Twelfth Battle of the Knot Holes was a major space battle fought during the Hapan Civil War within the Transitory Mists region known as the Knot Holes.

Acting on rumours that the Sword Confederacy was planning to seize the Lorell system with a large task force, the Draconian Union deployed the 2nd Draconian Order, commanded by Lady Olanji of Olanji, to the Knot Holes.

While the Sword Confederacy task force did show and was defeated by the overwhelming Draconian fleet, the absence of House Olanji's command fleets from the Charu system had left it exposed and vulnurable to attack from the Phoenix Movement. As a result, the Olanji family later lost control of their homeworlds.



House Olanji

House Olanji was a major power in the Hapes Cluster, both before and during the Hapan Civil War. This was due to their dual-Tarii representation, as well as their industrial, economical and military might. Charu was one of the most fortified systems of Draconian Union space, largely due to the almost constant presence of their two command fleets, the 1st and 2nd Draconian Order.

But in 3991, the 1st Draconian Order was in the Mathonore System, helping thwart and defend against the latest attempt by the Sword Confederacy to get a foothold in the Draconian controlled Rim Worlds region. As a result, the Charu System's defenses were at half strength.

Knot Holes

The Knot Holes, within the Rifle Worlds region and in close proximity to both the Lorell and Charu systems, was an area of critical importance to the Draconian Union. Securing the hyperspace-lane junction and the space station within it would be a necessary first step for the Sword Confederacy if it were to launch an attack on Lorell or Charu.

Draconian agents on Hapes Prime sent word in the fall of 3991 that the Sword Confederacy had begun planning for an operation that involved the capture and securing of the Knot Holes and also an assault on the Lorell System.

Seeing no other choice but to act, Eledri Olanji took the 2nd Draconian Order from Charu to the Knot Holes.

The Battle


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Fall of Charu

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