Tractia Heavy Cruiser

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Tractia Heavy Cruiser
Production Information
Manufacturer Olanji/Charubah
Designer Olanji/Charubah
Product Line -
Commissioned 3940
Model Tractia Heavy Cruiser
Class Battleship
In Service 39403998
Technical Specifications
Length 1020 meters
Width ?
Height ?
Weight 1,000,000 T
Volume 17,000,000.0 m³
Sublight Speed 10 MGLT
Hyperspeed 1
Engine Units O/C II sublight engines
Hyperdrive Narli-class hyperdrive
Manoeuvrability 1
Power Plant Jyll VI Reactor
Ionic Capacity 6,000
Shield Generators CI Shield Dome (6)
Shield Rating 10,000
Hull Rating 13,000
Targeting systems RAGoC targeting computers
Sensors 21
Armament Turbolaser Batteries (70)
Heavy Lasers (70)
Torpedo Launchers (25)
Ion Batteries (35)
Tractor Beams (7)
Special None
Landing Capacity No
Docking Bay Yes
Hangar Bay Yes
Complement Miy'cal Interceptor (72)
Druui Bomber (36)
XGH-120 Transport (10)
Escape Pod (40)
Crew Officers (390)
Maintanence (910)
Launch Bay Staff (395)
Gunnery Staff (365)
Security Officers (580)
Minimum Crew 1,200
Passengers 3,200
Weight Capacity 20,000 T
Volume Capacity 325,000 m³
Consumables 2 Years
Affiliation Olanji/Charubah
Hapes Consortium
Draconian Union
Role(s) Battleship
Era(s) Decline Era
Dark Age
Conflict(s) Hapan Civil War

The Tractia Heavy Cruiser was designed by Olanji/Charubah during the last years of the Decline Era as a flagship type cruiser for use by the Royal Family and the most powerful noble houses. Only two of these were constructed before the Hapan civil war broke out at which point the design was used by the Draconian Union. Even so, the ships were incredibly expensive to produce, even by Hapan standards, and had limited usage due to their slow speed.

Designs of the ship were lost with the destruction of the Charu Wheels in 3997. The last ship of the type was destroyed at the Second Battle of Gallinore when the Dream of Darkness self-destructed. Their role as the flagship cruiser of the Hapes Consortium was later filled by the Pulsar Battle Cruiser.




Olanji/Charubah had sought to develop a major flagship-type cruiser for the Royal Hapan Navy and specifically the nobility. Many of the most powerful noble houses had expressed interest in seeing a new type of capital ship available for their fleets in the Royal Hapan Navy.

In 3937 Olanji/Charubah's chief designer Darl Tractia presented the plans for the Tractia Heavy Cruiser to Xania and Alidra Olanji. They approved the design and the first ship, Pride of Tractia was completed in 3940. Another Tractia, named Dream of Darkness was built and presented to Princess Da'tan on her 17th birthday in 3943.


The Tractia Heavy Cruisers, while only a small number of them were ever built and even fewer were in actual operation at the same time as one another, saw extensive action during the Hapan civil war. While not primarily used as an attack cruiser, they participated in some of the most important battles of the conflict, such as the first battle of Lorell and Second Battle of Gallinore.

Their primary role was to provide security for the important members of the Draconian Union as they traversed various conflict zones, and also patrol the important systems belonging to the faction. House Olanji devoted two Tractia Heavy Cruisers to the defense of the Charu system and most importantly the Charu Wheels.

Ship Statistics

Design & Hull

The design of the Tractia Heavy Cruiser was meant to inspire fear in to the hearts of pirates and weaker noble houses of the Hapes Consortium. They had a bulky superstructure with several fins attached to the act section of the vessel, along with a command tower on the middle. The ships had a heavily reinforced hull, giving them a total tactical rating of 13,000.


The Tractia Heavy Cruisers' armament was unmatched in the Hapes Cluster the entire period they were in service. Most of the 200 weapon emplacements were equally distributed across the superstructure of the ship in strategically placed weapons clusters.

It had 70 turbolaser used for engagement against other capital class vessels, attacks on space stations or even planetary bombardment. It also had 35 ion batteries for disabling other vessels and 70 heavy lasers for anti-starfighter defence. In addition, the ship had 25 proton-torpedo launchers and 7 tractor beam projector used for bringing in disable craft.


The Tractia Heavy Cruisers' shielding was so considerable that the Sword Confederacy considered conventional attacks to be nothing short of suicide. The six CI Shield Domes were deployed along the superstructure of the vessel, with concentration around bridge and engines. The ships had a maximum shield rating of 10,000.

Power & Engines

The size and power requirements of the Tractia Heavy Cruisers warranted the installment of class VI Jyll reactors which had previously only been used on the Star Home. The ships come equipped with a Narli-class hyperdrive which powered the six powerful OC Dragon Wing engines, giving them a hyperspeed rating of 1. This slow speed meant that the cruisers were more or less useless for quick strikes and assaults.

They had five O/C II-class sublight engines which gave them a sublight cruising speed of 10, regarded as poor compared to Hapan standards.

Cargo & Carrier Capacity

The Tractia Heavy Cruisers could carry a considerable amount of small vessels, or even some smaller capital ships, but maintained a moderate amount of starfighters for defense and escort. The standard distribution was usually six Miy'cal Interceptor squadron and three squadrons of Druui Assault Bombers with plenty of room to spare for landing craft and crew shuttles.

Crew & Passenger Capacity

The Tractias had a significant crew complement, most of which were vital to make the ships run smoothly. The useage of a significant amount of RAGoC targeting computers meant the vessels could engage multiple targets at once.. A number of senior and junior officer delegate orders, while a large amount of the crew is devoted to maintenance and hangar related duties:

  • 390 senior & junior officers.
  • 910 maintenance staff.
  • 395 hangar & docking bay support crew.
  • 365 gunners & gunner support crew.
  • 580 security officers.

Famous Tractias

Name Ordered Launched Commissioned Destroyed Affiliation
Pride of Tractia 3937 3940 3941  ? House Olanji
House Raqill
Sword Confederacy
Dream of Darkness 3942 3943 3943 3998 Da'tan Pal'durath
Lana Da'tanah
Star of Olanji 3943 3945 3945 3998 House Olanji
Star of Charubah 3945 3947 3947 3997 House Olanji
Fist of Ci'hani 3971 3973 3973 3993 House Ci'hani
Maiden of Iron 3977 3979 3979 3998 House Shaa

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