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Thian Ta'a Chume Tini'duran
Monarchial Information
Reign 700769
Coronation May 29, 700
Predecessor Leni Tini'duran
Successor Ni'qari Tini'duran
Heir Ni'qari Tini'duran
Biographical Information
Royal House House Tini'duran
Consort Duran Arwinian
Issue Qisal Tini'duran
Duran Tini'duran
Mother Zelin Tini'duran
Father Varsus Dal'kuran
Born January 4, 678
Hapes Prime
Died August 13, 769
Hapes Prime
Historical Information
Other Service -
Other Titles/Positions -

Thian Tini'duran (Queen-Mother Tini'duran III) (Thian Ta'a Chume Tini'duran Hapesah) (678–769) was one of the most popular monarchs in Hapan history, and third ruler from the Tini'duran dynasty. She had a lengthy reign during the Antiquity Era in which the Consortium experienced a cultural awakening, to which she contributed greatly.

She is also credited with designing the feudal nobility system that the Hapes Consortium used to maintain a chain of command until 4000, and the reforming the Royal Hapan Space Fleet in to the Royal Hapan Navy.


Early Life

Thian Tini'duran was the only daughter of Princess Zelin and Lord Dal'kuran, born on Hapes Prime in 678. Princess Zelin had abandoned all hope of ever sitting on the throne and decided to groom Thian to succeed her mother, Queen-Mother Tini'duran II, as monarch of the Hapes Consortium.

Tini'duran grew up in the Royal Hapan Palace in Ta'a Chume'Dan and received lessons in etiquette from her mother, as well as the Royal Handmaidens. She spent much time with her grandmother, the Queen-Mother, in preparation for her own reign. In her diaries, she noted how frustrated her grandmother seemed with various colony leaders who had often experienced difficulty getting their subordinates to carry out duties. She began outlining various methods of sorting this by designing different hierarchy structures she planned to bring in to effect once she assumed the throne.

Her marriage to Duran Arwinian in 696 had been pre-arranged by the Arwinians and her own family. The two were childhood friends and grew to love each other as they came of age. It is said that she regarded her consort as an equal in the marriage and often asked his advice in private on different matters. This was generally frowned upon by the Royal court, but no-one dared openly comment on it as long as Princess Zelin and Queen-Mother Tini'duran II did not voice any disapproval.


Tini'duran assumed the throne on May 29 700 when she was 22 years old, seven days after the death of her grandmother Queen-Mother Tini'duran II. During the first year of her reign, she visited many of the Hapes Consortium's worlds. She met with colony governors and community leaders, taking notes of conditions on the various planets. Upon her return to Hapes Prime, she established the Royal Architectural Guild. The guild was tasked with designing distinct Hapan architecture to be used throughout the Hapes Consortium, with minor modifications depending on the type of planet and conditions there.

In 702, she announced the establishment of the nobility and had the feudal system of titles, with privileges and duties, added to the Laws of the Hapes Consortium. This helped bring about a new era of order and prosperity in the Hapes Consortium.

Another highlight of her career is the reformation of the naval forces in 715. Her designed structure of the Royal Hapan Navy was in place until the outbreak of the Hapan civil war in 3946.

She died of old age in 769 and was succeeded by her grandchild, Princess Ni’qari.

Governance & Cultural Policies

Monarchial Styles of
Queen-Mother Tini'duran III of the Hapes Consortium
Reference style Her Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Ereneda

The feudal nobility system introduced by Tini'duran proved very successful as time went by. She had meetings with her nobility of the Tarii every two weeks in the Royal Hapan Palace in order to keep a close eye on what was going on in the more distant provinces of the Hapes Consortium.

For those who were made Hapan Nobility, governance of systems, worlds or provinces was no longer a job, but a way of life. It became inter-connected with their family, fortune and future. Tini'duran often mentioned to her advisors that people seemed to make a better effort of getting things to run smoothly when personal status and honour depended on it.

She was an avid believer in making the cultural riches of Hapes Prime and Lorell available to all the worlds of the Hapes Consortium and worked closely with the nobility to bring about cultural expansion in outer-lying systems. Many theatres, museums and libraries were built on the colony worlds during her reign, while cultural holidays were celebrated across the Hapes Consortium. She frequently attended the openings of these facilities and was known to make time to review several theatre plays or operas per week. Records show that she favoured positive musicals and shows that would raise morale and therefore restricted certain plays from being shown.

Military Policies

Thian Tini'duran's policies regarding the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, especially the naval branch, became the default regulations for thousands of years. She ordered the reformation of the Royal Hapan Space Fleet in to the Royal Hapan Navy in 715. The navy was split in to two branches. The Consortium Navy was commanded and crewed by commoners and usually assigned tedious tasks such as patrolling spacelanes, escorting convoys and hunting minor pirates. The Noble Navy was created specifically to suit the needs and demands of her new nobility. The Noble Houses were granted massive budgets to fund their private armadas which were used to protect the home systems of the different families.

Tini'duran also adopted a strict policy regarding the Lorell system. While she did not close the Hapan borders, she insisted on tight security surrounding the system and all incoming and outgoing vessels were triple-checked.


The Tini'duran dynasty and House Tini'duran have gone down in history as symbols of cultural enlightenment, but are also remembered for their contributions to the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. Especially important was Thian Tini'duran reformation of the naval forces from the Royal Hapan Space Fleet in to the Royal Hapan Navy in 715. Queen-Mother Tini'duran XIV died under mysterious circumstances, and as there was no suitable heir at the time, House Tini'duran went back to governing Maires.

A descendant of Thian Tini'duran, Lady Alia Tini'duran, openly supported Princess Da'tan at the outbreak of the Hapan civil war and did her best to strengthen Maires' defenses in preperation for the conflict. Alia Tini'duran's daughter, Lady Mali Tini'duran was commander of the Draconian Command Order for a lengthy time, leading up to the end of the Hapan civil war. Since the war, the family has lived in peace on Maires.


The term "Tini'duranist" has been used in the conservative and culturally enlightened circles of the Hapes Consortium since the Second Antiquity Era and generally implies a strong belief in the policies set down by Thian Tini'duran. Tini'duranists believe that every aspect of the Hapan society, such as the grandiose culture and way of life, should be available to all Hapans, no matter where in the Hapes Cluster they reside. In modern times, it has also been used as a nickname for individuals who fight to restore archaic ideals and beliefs that have been lost as well as advocates of the nobility.

Famous Tini'duranists:

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Succeeded by:
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