Siege of XY322098

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Siege of XY322098
Conflict:Hapan Civil War
Date:October 5, 3976March 17, 3978
Place:XY322098, Orthwell system
Outcome:Decisive Draconian victory
Next:Second Battle of Reboam

Draconian Union

Sword Confederacy

  • 57290 Draconian cyborgs destroyed
  • 9238 Draconian infantry killed
  • 109 Draconian royal guards killed
  • 101 pilots and crew killed
  • 49 logistical ships destroyed
  • 72890 Sword infantry killed
  • 188 pilots and crew killed
  • 92 logistical ships destroyed

The Siege of XY322098 was a military operation during the Hapan Civil War in the Orthwell system, part of the Rim Worlds theatre. The operation which lasted 17 standard months is famous for the harsh and inhumane conditions both sides had to endure over a seemingly worthless piece of territory.




XY322098 is the designation of the largest planetary body in the outlying asteroid field of the Orthwell system. The system is part of the Rim Worlds and was considered part of the Draconian Union since the outbreak of the war. The idea of battles being fought over the pieces of rock floating in the remnants of the system seemed far fetched. Nevertheless, Princess Da'tanah ordered the establishment of Draconian Outpost OS-01 on the asteroid in early 3976.

Draconian Outpost OS-01

The outpost was completed late in the year and was operated by twenty thousand troops, most of which were Cyborg Warriors from Charubah. Being stationed on the asteroid was something most members of the Draconian Armed Forces feared, due to the lack of a sun and natural source of light anywhere nearby. Somewhere around two thousand of the troops there were, however, Hapans from Selab.

The outpost's surface structures consisted of a medium sized shield generator which protected the base and some of the surrounding area. There was a landing pad on the surface, along with numerous turrets of various kinds. The immediate area was surrounded by trenches and walls. The base itself was located in a man-made cavern deep underneath the surface of the asteroid and was further expanded after the siege began. Ships would enter by landing on one of the surface pads before being lowered in to an airlock where air would be pumped in before they entered the base complex.

The Siege

Military Forces

Neither side could afford to devote a fleet or major warships to assist in the defence or attack of the asteroid field. Partially because both sides realised it was a pointless battle and also because of the danger involved in moving large ships through the area. Instead both parties sent a steady supply of reinforcements and supplies to the asteroid over the course of the siege, resulting in the loss of both ground troops and transport ships to both the firefights, impacts with smaller asteroids and the like.

The Draconian cyborgs had little trouble fighting in the harsh terrain and conditions and were considerably superior to all Sword Confederacy troops devoted to attacking the base. They moved quickly and could easily navigate in the darkness with their IR vision. Regular Draconian and Sword troops were forced to wear IR goggles, breathing masks with vacuum suits and sometimes zero-G armour during the fighting. This was due to the sporadic atmosphere of the rock which sometimes drifted, sending unprepared troops in to the darkness of space.

Battles & Heroism

The conflict on the asteroid quickly fell in to routine, with numerous attacks on both sides' bases every day. The Draconian troops from Selab left most of the attacks on the Sword forces to the Cyborg warriors while they spent their own time waiting in the trenches. This angered individuals such as Lieutenant Welin Qazar who had volunteered to participate in the defence of the asteroid with her royal guard unit. She frequently participated on the frontlines with her Belgorian and Arxian troops and had frequent heated discussions with Viscountess Qedal who was in charge of the Draconian defence.

Other heroes of the siege included members of both sides logistical units who traversed the asteroid field to bring supplies and more troops. One notable ship was the derelict stock freighter Firebreather attached to the 189th Draconian Logistics Wing, piloted by Captain Trini'qar, which made 62 supply runs to the Draconian outpost.

Back Home

"The ongoing defence of XY322098 is as vital as the defence of Selab, Arxian Major, Olanji and even Lorell. We must make Princess Inaq understand that we will not grant her forces any military victory. Be it an asteroid, island, mountain, city or planet, Draconian forces will defend it until the last drop of blood has been shed. If need be, we shall join in the battle Ourselves." – 14 year old Princess Lana Da'tanah to the Draconian Regent, Lady Zalin Ci'hani

Princess Da'tanah refused to surrender the outpost, even after numerous of her military advisors insisted that abandoning the base and then bombarding the rock after troops had been evacuated would be a better course of action. Draconian cyborgs were effective fighting machines and General Adzar felt they would be better spent in the Draconian defence of Reboam. Lady Ci'hani who functioned as the Regent of the Draconian Union at the time agreed with the young Princess and ordered the troops to stay put.

On the other side, Princess Inaq had to endure much criticism from both the population of Hapes Prime, as well as her own military commanders and royal advisors for allowing the slaughter to go on. In the end she had to order the retreat of all Sword Confederacy troops from the asteroid. Fifty percent of the retreating troops were killed by pursuing Draconian cyborgs. Brigadier Niris was killed in the course of the retreat.

The Aftermath

The siege was often referred to in propaganda on both sides and the Draconian troops serving on the outposts were regarded as heroes on their homeworlds. In the Draconian Union, it was considered a major victory and had a large impact on morale in all of their territory, inspiring heroism on hundreds of other battle fields.

It is considered one of the most brutal operations of the Hapan Civil War. Surviving troops on both sides were quickly re-deployed to other battle zones, but many of the Hapan troops who survived were traumatised after over a year in near complete darkness. Many of them claimed the asteroid had been haunted by ghosts from planets that once existed in the system. Hallucinations and suicides were common among many of the survivors.

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