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Royal League of Commerce

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Royal League of Commerce

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The Royal League of Commerce was formed on July 31, 4032 in an effort to organize the major corporations nationalised with the Hapes Consortium. Members of the Royal League of Commerce are provided with monthly funding for all Consortium-related operations and to help organise expansion of the companies. Most of the league's members are also based within the Hapes Cluster and enjoy the perks and benefits of working on Hapan soil.



The Royal League of Commerce is part of the Ministry of Finance. Presently the Chairman of the league is the Minister himself, Gane Lant. He is tasked with making sure the monthly budgets are paid on time, organising operations reports from the league members and also presenting matters that concern Hapan economy and industry to the members. Missions and tasks for the league members are also presented to them via the league.

The Minister of Industry also retains a seat in the league's board of directors along with the Chairman and all corporation CEOs.

National Corporations

The National Corporations of the Royal League of Commerce are companies which are owned by the Hapan state and have their leadership appointed by Lorell Hall. These usually receive additional funding and are often restricted to working for the Hapes Consortium and its affiliates.

The Olanji Corporation is the premier ship builder of the Hapes Consortium ever since the merger of Olanji/Charubah and Hapan Consortium in 4031. Its role has expanded to function as an auxiliary branch of the Hapes Consortium ever since its merger with the Royal Hapan Armed Forces in 4033. It is represented by Hun Leonard in the league.

Endara Mining Corporation was bought up by the Hapan state from Dverol Nact in 4033. It was originally part of the Akheton conglomerate which had retained a close relationship with the Hapes Consortium since 4032. It was renamed shortly after the purchase and is represented by CEO Danakin Turner in the league.

Municipal Corporations

The Municipal Corporations of the Royal League of Commerce are companies which are not directly owned by the Hapan state, but still consider themselves part of the Hapes Consortium as they retain a major base of operations within the Hapes Cluster.

Nikklon Mining Incorporated has been a longstanding affiliate of the Hapes Consortium and joined the league upon its creation in 4032. The company serves as the secondary source of raw materials for the Consortium and is represented by Jeff Corbin on the league.

Endara Reclaim Industries was formed as StormOne Recycling under the 12 Colonies conglomerate, but was bought up by House Tylger in the late summer of 4032. It was initially represented by both Lord Tylger and CEO Ellianshia Earthsong until Kimberly Tylger took over leadership in 4033. After Tara Tylger received ownership of the group in the fall of 4033, the group renamed to Endara Reclaim Industries. It is based on the moon Schoibato in the Lorell system.

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