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Royal Hapan Navy
Organisational Information
Fleets 1st Hapan Fleet
3rd Hapan Fleet
17th Hapan Fleet
Departments Personnel
Chief of Staff Lord Locke Firecam
Directorate Personnel - Yassar Earnedil
Resources - Ankthar LeMarre
Reconnaissance - Sam Starkiller
Justice - N/A
Headquarters Alsnin, Alsace system
Establishment 7163946

The Royal Hapan Navy (RHN) (sometimes also called Royal Navy of the Hapes Consortium or Consortium Navy) is the second oldest and most senior service of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. It is considered the third most powerful naval force of the galaxy, but is restricted to the Hapes Cluster for the most part and its ships are rarely seen outside the Hapan borders due to traditional isolationism, though this stance has changed in recent years with joint operations occuring between the Hapes Consortium and various members of the Imperial Union.

The Navy was first established in the form of the Royal Hapan Space Fleet during the early days of the Nele'serin dynasty and consisted mostly of former Lorell Raider vessels limited mostly to transporting cargo and passengers between the few colonies that made up the Hapes Consortium at the time. As the Consortium expanded within the Hapes Cluster, the Space Fleet was also expanded as a professional military force guarding the borders of the government. It became the Royal Hapan Navy in 716 during the Tini'duran dynasty but the term was used to describe both the Consortium Navy and Noble Navy. The two naval branches co-operated in providing security for Hapan systems and spacelanes. Since the Hapan civil war and the abolishment of a feudal governing system, the entire Royal Hapan Navy has been reformed and placed under the jurisdiction of the Sovereign.

Since the Hapes Consortium re-established diplomatic relations with foreign governments and parties, the Royal Hapan Navy has been involved in a few foreign operations and has escorted the Sovereign on good-will tours in other sectors of the galaxy.



Hapes Consortium

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For a more detailed history on the naval forces prior to the Phoenix Age, see History of the Hapes Consortium's naval forces, Royal Hapan Navy during the Age of Queen-Mothers and Hapes Consortium's naval forces during the Hapan civil war.

King Andrew was quick to re-establish the Royal Hapan Navy after his coronation, placing it under the command of one of the former Phoenix Movement commanders, Jacevel Canler who was the first person to reach the rank of Grand Admiral. The Phoenix Movement had captured and built a number of vessels at the seized Olanji/Charubah yards, but their military force was not large enough to keep the peace in the entire Hapes Cluster even after other parties had surrendered or been conquered. Part of the peace agreement between the Phoenix Movement and the Draconian Union involved the donation of most Draconian ships to the newly unified Royal Hapan Navy as long as no members of the Draconian military were put on trial for warcrimes.

Canler introduced a system which allowed for both commoners and nobility to achieve ranks without bias within the navy. This was not especially popular with the noble houses, but they reluctantly accepted it and realized that the time for petty differences were over. This timeperiod saw the introduction of the Nova Battle Cruiser as the new mainstay of the navy in 4011 and the new monarch opened some diplomatic relations with the outside galaxy in order to bring in other types of ship, such as the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser. The older Quasar Battle Cruisers were decommissioned shortly thereafter.

Grand Admiral Canler was eventually killed in a skirmish in the Transitory Mists in 4014 which led to the appointment of young Jessy James as the new naval commander. Other notable officers who rose through the ranks during this timeperiod were Sirius Threestars, Juthan Karrde, Sala Mander and Alexander Tylger. Jessy James achieved the rank of Grand Admiral in 4020 and was eventually appointed as King Andrew's heir in 4025.

After King James assumed the throne in the august 4027, the Royal Hapan Navy came under the command of Admiral Sirius Threestars. Threestars was one of King James' oldest advisors and executive officer with an endless loyalty to the Hapan throne and also refused to take part in Grand General Pez Harr's attempted military revolt.

The greatest military campaign after the Hapan civil war was undoubtedly the military operations carried out during the Black Sun Crisis in 4029. Several of the Royal Hapan Navy's task forces initiated a full scale blockade of the Lorell system before bombarding insurgents stationed in illegal cities on Lorell's surface from orbit.

The Royal Hapan Armed Forces flexed its muscles again during Operation Horizon in 4030 when the Hapes Consortium joined the Coalition against Horizon in order to trap and capture the warlord known as Venom Kazvar. When the coalition forces arrived in the Tund system, Kazvar had already fled, abandoning the rest of his fleet.

In June 4031, the remnants of Olanji/Charubah were purchased from Draconian Shareholder Commitee by the Hapan Government and merged with the Royal Family owned Hapan Consortium under the new name Olanji Corporation. The government poured a significant amount of money in to rebuilding new shipyard complexes around Hapes Prime, but also Lorell, Nigel, Olanji and Charubah which has made production of Hapan ships a great deal easier. The Royal Hapan Navy now enjoys a steady supply of warships and starfighters for its fleets.

The same month, ships of the Royal Hapan Navy also ventured to the Dellalt system in the Allied Tion sector where it blockaded the planet Gantari in order to keep the forces of the New Anzat Order at bay. It was a peaceful and orderly operation with no Hapan or Anzati casualties.

In the early 4030s, the Navy underwent a series of reforms in order to strengthen co-operation between the Royal Hapan Navy and Royal Hapan Army. In early 4034, the Ministry of Defence was re-established in order to smoothly bridge the gap between the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and Royal Hapan Government, and the fleets were reorganised into regional Defence Forces. This structure was rapidly abolished in favour of the former fleet organisation, with the Hapan Army taking a major role in the work undertaken by the 9th Fleet. Late 4036 saw the next major reform of the Navy, as the Army was temporarily put into the reserves, and the full focus of the RHAF were refocussed onto its Naval Forces. The old fleets were reorganised, with the 1st and 3rd Fleets being joined by the 2nd and 4th Fleets under newly re-appointed chief of staff for the navy Admiral Locke Tarix Firecam. During this period, the Navy took part in a number of joint operations with its Imperial Union counterparts, including the Taboon Conflict, Operation Drakenus Fire and Operation Strongarm, each designed to help protect the Consortium's newest trade allies from attacks upon their sovereignty by foreign powers.

The Navy kept a steady structure following the reform, with a few minor changes within the membership of the High Command, finally settling with Commodore Ryou Vacosa as Chief of Staff for the Navy, and a number of long-term senior officers in command of the Navy's four fleets.

Active Fleets

1st Fleet

The 1st Fleet is the oldest and most historical of the Navy's fleets, established shortly after the re-unification of the Hapes Consortium in 4000 and originally assigned to guard the Lorell system. Since the borders of the Hapes Cluster were partially opened to the outside galaxy in 4024 the fleet has been the vigilant guardian of the Consortium's sole open system and only known entrance to the Hapes Cluster through the treacherous Transitory Mists for almost the entirety of its existence, with a brief two-year period starting in 4036 assigned to guard Hapes Prime.

The Fleet has seen many famous commanders, many of which have gone on towards larger and greater things, with then-Commodores Alex Smith, Lord Alexander Tylger and Locke Firecam counted amongst their numbers, in addition to Jessy James himself; the result being that the 1st Fleet has since its formation been under the command of two future monarchs of the Consortium in their prime. The fleet has in more recent times fallen under the command of long-term service officers and former Ministers who have returned to military service.

The Fleet has taken part in numerous operations over the decades, including Operation Grandslam during the Black Sun Crisis, Operation Gormothopolis, Project Jumus, the Taboon Conflict, Operation Drakenus Fire and Operation Strongarm, though the full list is exhaustive.

Following the massive shift that occurred in the Galaxy in 4038, the 1st Fleet was redeployed - now equipped with sophisticated Imperial technology and its new Super Star Destroyer flagship - back towards its origins near Lorell. Assigned to two regions nearest the entrance zone through the Transitory Mists - Lorelli Reach and the Corsair Outback, the 1st Fleet took up once again the mantle of guardians of the gate to the Cluster, with an ever-stronger visible military presence in Lorell and the surrounding systems. The Fleet also took up the extensive task of patrolling the wild space regions around the Cluster, as part of an initiative to prevent potential hostiles from setting up bases within the empty regions of the Cluster.

2nd Fleet

The 2nd Fleet is one of the youngest fleets, established during the reformation of the Navy in 4036 and originally assigned to the Interior Region, and most recently being repositioned to the Rifle Worlds and Gateworlds regions of the Cluster. The concentrated around the Olanji Corporation industrial hubs of Charubah and Cherubah. Having taken part in a number of operations during its service life, it has kept a strong presence in all joint Hapes-Imperial Union military operations, and was one of the first fleets to work closely with the Chume'doro on a domestic training project.

3rd Fleet

The 3rd Fleet was created by the then- Captain Locke Firecam in the year 4031, and established as a rapid response element within the Navy. The fleet kept steady during a time of numerous reforms within the Navy, retaining its numerical designation through all, excluding a brief period where it was titled the Rim Worlds Defence Force. Though the fleet saw relatively few notable commanding officers, Tal Locke was one such individual who defied the rule, being appointed in 4036 as one of the youngest and lowest-ranked Fleet Commanders of the time, who would later move on to be appointed to the Ministry of Industry as a member of the Royal Council.

The Fleet performed in numerous operations, with a heavy focus on extra-Cluster duties, taking on assignments as an escort fleet for a diplomatic visit by King Jessy James, and with several members taking a key role in the Imperial Union's Scylla Project.

During the mid-4030s, the fleet was known for placing a heavy emphasis on training exercises, with numerous staged events occurring without foreknowledge of the fleet's officers, in order to allow its command staff to judge their response times more accurately than was possible with the traditional planned drills. The fleet was also one of the first to set up a specialised training division within its internal structure; an organisational component which has been mimicked by various other fleets during times when the training of naval cadets wasn't performed centrally by the Royal Hapan Military Academy.

The fleet appeared amongst the final line up of four fleets following the Firecam Reform of 4036, commanded by then- Line Captain Kell Archis, a very pragmatic and forward-thinking naval commander with extensive experience as a former Minister of Industry on the Royal Council.

4th Fleet

The 4th Fleet is amongst the youngest of the fleets within the Navy, established during the Firecam Reforms in 4036 and assigned to take the place of the 1st Fleet as the guardians of the Lorell system and surrounding regions, initially under the command of Captain Ryou Vacosa, before he was promoted to the position of Naval Executive Officer. The following years saw a time of growth within the new fleet, as it settled into its role within the historic Navy, which itself slowly adjusted to its new structure. Following the Galactic Shift in 4038, the fleet was redeployed to the Interior Regions of the Cluster.

Defunct Fleets

9th Fleet

The 9th Fleet, originally numbered as the 7th Fleet, was created and led by Commodore Robin Hood, before later being replaced by Vice Admiral Vang Tyrridon until 4032 when it was disbanded, following the disappearance of Admiral Tyrridon. The Fleet later returned under Tarboka Gobaka, before again being dissolved, and its personnel re-distributed to the other fleets of the Navy.

In the mid 4030s, the 9th Fleet was reformed with an extensive marine presence within, following the dissolvment of the regional Defence Force in favour of the former Fleet structure within the Navy. Stripped of much of its heavier naval warships in favour of transports and assault craft favoured by its marines, the 9th Fleet served a minor role within the Consortium, until it was dissolved following the Firecam reforms in 4036.

17th Fleet

The 17th Fleet was once one of the oldest and prestigious fleets within the Navy, and a prime assignment for many aspiring officers to seek a post within. The fleet's core values stood for longevity and strength and was often said to symbolise much of the accomplishments of the Navy as a whole.

The 17th Fleet's most prominent and long-term leader was Vice Admiral Romar Feren, who served in the role for almost the entirety of the fleet's existance, before accepting an offer to lead one of the Hapes Consortium's struggling Nationalised Corporations. Vice Admiral Feren was replaced by Line Captain Jon Winston, who led the fleet into its reformation into the Interior Defence Force.

21st Fleet

The 21st Fleet was commissioned in 4033 in response to the strong growth in senior officers and the recruitment base of the Royal Hapan Navy. Assigned initially to the Abaem System, the fleet rapidly grew, becoming one of the most prestigious assignments within the Navy, before finally being disolved just under two years later, during the reformation of the Navy into its three regional Defence Forces; a structure which was short-lived.

Regional Defence Forces

In the mid 4030s, the Armed Forces went through a major reform which saw the complete merging of the Royal Hapan Navy and Royal Hapan Army. The divisions of the Army were gone, as were the fleets of the Navy, instead replaced by the Regional Defences Forces; Rifle Defence Force - formerly the 1st Fleet, Interior Defence Force - formerly the 17th Fleet, and the Rim Defence Force - formerly the 3rd Fleet. The 21st Fleet membership, and the membership of the Royal Hapan Army, were both distributed amongst the three Defence Forces.

This structure within the Armed Forces was short-lived however, and before long the Ministry of Defence took the decision to once again reform the Fleets of the Navy, with the marines being reorganised to take up the majority of the staffing of the 9th Fleet.

Rank Structure

Royal Hapan Armed Forces
Royal Hapan Navy
Enlisted Image:Rank-RHN-Cadet.jpg
Petty Officer
Junior Officers Image:Rank-RHN-Ensign.jpg
Sub Lieutenant
Flag Lieutenant
Senior Officers Image:Rank-RHN-LtCommander.jpg
Lieutenant Commander
Line Captain
Admiralty Image:Rank-RHN-Commodore.jpg
Contra Admiral
Vice Admiral


Capital Ships

The mighty Battle Dragon, premier warship of the Hapes Consortium.

The mainstay of the Royal Hapan Navy remains the Battle Dragon and Nova Battle Cruiser, though many of the ships formerly common within the Navy in recent decades as support ships and escorts, such as the foreign-designed Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser and Carrack Light Cruiser, have fallen into the reserve rosters, with many having been sold off to the Consortium's civilian sectors. In their place, the Navy has gained construction deals with the Galactic Empire through the trade alliance known a the Imperial Union. With each fleet equipped with a number of Imperial and Victory Star Destroyers, each Fleet Commander are equipped with the impressive might of a Super Star Destroyer to serve as their flagship. So far, the Hapan designs have remained the most populous within the Navy, as well as the most favoured amongst the Hapan officers.


The Miy'til Interceptor remains the most widely utilized starfighter of the Royal Hapan Navy, serving primarily as an escort craft which can deal with freighters and other starfighters. The somewhat newer Hetrinar Assault Bomber is used to attack capital class vessels or even space stations. Older Y-Wing BTL-S3s have been retained in Naval service to be operated as training craft within the Royal Hapan Military Academy

Freighters & Transports

The Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle is widely utilized in the Royal Hapan Navy in much the same way as it is in the rest of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces as the primary method of movement of officers and crew between ships, stations and planets. As an all-round shuttle, the Atlas-class is ideally suited to this role, but the Navy additionally uses the YT-510, a foreign shuttle designed on Corellia. It's impressive sensor suite and almost unmatched speed make it ideal as a subtle scout vessel for the Navy's less overt operations.

Notable Officers

See the Royal Hapan Armed Forces Hall of Fame.

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