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A note from Alexander Tylger, creator of the Royal Hapan Library

The Royal Hapan Library wiki was finally established in 2006 to easily document the Hapes Consortium's vast history, language and culture. I initially undertook this task in 2003 when I became Minister of Culture and immediately struggled to find an effective way to store and present all the available information. Finally it was decided that a wiki was the best option out there.

The timeline of the Consortium was changed again and again until the Royal Council approved by basic outline in February of 2004 following a lengthy discussion in the so called "History Timeline Rant". Since then I've mapped out the detailed history of Hapes in my mind and written snippets whenever I've had time. The information found in this wiki is not Star Wars canon by any means. It is merely based om the available canon material on Hapes' general history and culture, and has been adapted to fit in with the universe of the Star Wars Combine to the best of my ability.

Please note that the articles relating to events that involve foreign parties may not seem objective and neutral as this is a Hapan resource, documenting the Hapan take on the situation. Some so called "SWC canon" events, such as the Black Sun Crisis' background, have been adapted to be properly explained from an in character perspective, rather than relying on an explanation such as "Because of a programming glitch..." or "Because planetary control was not programmed at this point..." to fill out the article.

It's taken me God only knows how many hours to complete (at least partially) for a release, but I hope that the library can function as a resource for all who want to roleplay Hapans and enrich their experience in the unique simulation that is the Combine.

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