Rifle Worlds

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Rifle Worlds
Systems Lovala
Major Regions Temporal Clouds
Keltros Expanse
Dillaem Wall
Gallinore Reach
Capital Taroduiglas, Relephon
Population 75,300,000,000
Regional Governor Archon of the Rifle Worlds
Noble Houses House Starfyre
House Toshikhan
Historical Events Hapan Civil War

The Rifle Worlds encompasses about a third of the Hapes Cluster and is dominated by massive commerce and industry-related activity. Lorell in the Lorell system is the capital of the region. Since 4024 the Lorell system has been open to foreign governments and corporation and functions as the Hapes Consortium's ambassadorial system. Billions of foreign sentients reside on Lorell and its neighbouring planets. The moon Schoibato has also been developed to house Endara Reclaim Industries. The Lorellon Conduit is the only official way in and out of the Hapes Cluster.

Other worlds of interest include Olanji and Charubah which have historically been the home of ship production within the Hapes Consortium. The origins of the region's name relates to the massive weapons production facilities found in this portion of the Hapes Cluster and also their devotion to the war effort during the Hapan Civil War when House Olanji and House Par'wandi were major powers in the region.

The Rifle Worlds' systems are governed by the Archon of the Rifle Worlds.

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