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Pulsar Battle Cruiser
HRS Pride
Production Information
Manufacturer Olanji Corporation
Alpha Ship Construction
Designer Royal Engineering Corps
Product Line -
Commissioned 4029
Model Pulsar Battle Cruiser
Class Battleship
In Service 4029-Present
Technical Specifications
Length 1300 meters
Width ?
Height ?
Weight 1,000,000 T
Volume 17,000,000.0 m³
Sublight Speed 20 MGLT
Hyperspeed 2
Engine Units O/C II sublight engines
Hyperdrive Froond-class hyperdrive
Manoeuvrability 1
Power Plant Jyll VI Reactor
Ionic Capacity 8,000
Shield Generators CI Shield Dome (7)
Shield Rating 12,000
Hull Rating 16,000
Targeting systems RAGoC targeting computers
Sensors 21
Armament Turbolaser Batteries (100)
Heavy Lasers (20)
Torpedo Launchers (15)
Ion Batteries (40)
Tractor Beams (15)
Special Unique
Landing Capacity No
Docking Bay Yes
Hangar Bay Yes
Complement Miy'til Interceptor (72)
Hetrinar Bomber (36)
Atlas Troop Transport (10)
Escape Pod (40)
Crew Officers (410)
Maintanence (1020)
Launch Bay Staff (395)
Gunnery Staff (465)
Security Officers (280)
Minimum Crew 1,500
Passengers 4,000
Weight Capacity 30,200 T
Volume Capacity 450,000 m³
Consumables 3 Years
Affiliation Royal Family
Role(s) Battleship
Era(s) Phoenix Age
Golden Age
Conflict(s) -

The Pulsar Battle Cruiser (HRS Pride RF 01) is the flagship of the Hapes Consortium and Royal Family. The ship was designed by the Royal Engineer Corps in 4025 and constructed between 4026 and 4028 in order to fill the void left by the Tractia Heavy Cruiser. The Royal Family was also disappointed in the slow-paced development of the Battle Dragon and longed for a new flagship. The HRS Pride is unique and will never see mass production. Much of the interior is devoted to luxurious facilities installed to accommodate the Royal Family.

It is one of the most powerful vessels in the Hapes Cluster, designed to protect the Royal Family when it ventures away from Hapes Prime. Since it was commissioned in 4029, it has been a frequent sight all across Hapan space and has even embarked on good-will tours of the outside galaxy.




While the Nova Battle Cruisers were considered powerful ships and the progress of the Battle Dragon development was starting to look promising by 4025, the Hapes Consortium lacked a powerful flagship-type cruiser along the lines of the former Tractia Heavy Cruiser and Star Home motherships. The Royal Engineering Corps was tasked with designing the Pulsar Battle Cruiser in 4025. After a year of development, the designs were completed and submitted to the Royal Hapan Palace in 4026.

Construction began in late 4026 with Alpha Ship Construction's Sion system shipyards and continued for two years. Considering the bulk of the vessel it was considered to be a quite short and effective completion time when it was launched in late 4028. It was christened by King James shortly thereafter and the first crewmembers boarded their new vessel in the first days of 4029.

The ship went through a series of initial tests during the first months of 4029 to ensure that it was operating as expected before being commissioned after four months.


King James decided to integrate the ship in the Phoenix Fleet to protect the Royal Family and is operated by a Phoenix crew. Since her maiden voyage in 4028 the ship has laid down several mile stones in Hapan history. An ambassador was attached to the ship in 4029 to assist the Royal Family on diplomatic missions and good will tours. The ambassador was a vital addition to the crew on many occasions and toured outside the cluster with the HRS Pride to both the Galactic Empire and Trade Federation.

In 4031 the ship underwent some major refits, including renovations of compartments, the Kings deck, bridge, brig, medical bay and engineering.

The ship also visited Naboo in preparation for the Gormoth project, assisting with the transportation of large raw material quantities from the Akheton Mining Corporation back to the Hapes Cluster. Whilst the actual capacity of the ship was only little help to the operation, the ships presence showed how important the mission was and boosted moral immensely.

The HRS Pride found itself in the spotlight once again in 4033 as her hull was repainted. A prototype light and dark grey camouflage shading replaced the military uniform light grey, similar to the green shading user by ground forces. Military experts are contemplating using the new design for future battle ships.

Ship Statistics

Design & Hull

The design of the Pulsar Battle Cruiser pays tribute to the Nova Battle Cruiser and its predecessor, the Quasar Battle Cruiser, which was inspired by the appearance of the long-necked Pentix dragon of Arxian Major. There are several elements of the Nova Battle Cruiser design, such as the bridge and command sections of the ship. The ship has a heavily reinforced hull, giving it a total tactical rating of 16,000.


The Pulsar Battle Cruiser's armament is unmatched in the Hapes Consortium and is one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy. Most of the 170 weapon emplacements are along the rim of the dorsal fins, as well as the sides and underside of the ship's neck which connects the command section to the rest of the ship's superstructure.

It has 100 turbolaser batteries with optimal recharge rate, used for engagement against other capital class objects, attacks on space stations or even planetary bombardment. It also has 40 ion batteries for disabling other vessels and 20 heavy lasers for anti-starfighter defence. In addition, the ship has 10 proton-torpedo launchers and 15 tractor beam projector used for bringing in disable craft.


The Pulsar Battle Cruiser's shielding is so considerable that it is considered invulnerable to conventional attacks from capital ships. The seven CI Shield Domes are deployed along the superstructure of the vessel, with concentration around bridge and engines. The shield rating of 12,000 places the ship third place galaxy-wide (Super Star Destroyer and Home One surpass it).

Power & Engines

The size and power requirements of the Pulsar Battle Cruiser warranted the installment of a class VI Jyll reactor which had previously only been used on the Star Home. The ship come equipped with a Froond-class hyperdrive which powers the four powerful OC Dragon Wing engines, giving it a hyperspeed rating of 2. This means that the ships can deploy across the Hapes Cluster in a matter of hours.

It has six O/C II-class sublight engines which gives it a sublight cruising speed of 20, regarded as impressive compared to other vessels of the same size.

Cargo & Carrier Capacity

The Pulsar Battle Cruiser can carry a considerable amount of small vessels, or even some smaller capital ships, but maintains a moderate amount of starfighters for defense and escort. The standard distribution is usually six Miy'til Interceptor squadron and three squadrons of Hetrinar Assault Bombers with plenty of room to spare for landing craft and crew shuttles.

Crew & Passenger Capacity

The HRS Pride has a significant crew complement, most of which are vital to make the ships run smoothly. This is because the Pulsar Battle Cruiser employs some of the same targeting systems as the Nova Battle Cruiser, rather than those of the Battle Dragon, in order to make sure the vessel can engage multiple targets. A number of senior and junior officer delegate orders, while a large amount of the crew is devoted to maintenance and hangar related duties:

  • 410 senior & junior officers.
  • 1020 maintenance staff.
  • 395 hangar & docking bay support crew.
  • 465 gunners & gunner support crew.
  • 280 security officers.

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