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Royal War Museum of Selab
For a more in depth view on the structure and history of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces
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Vali Trini'qar is a former military officer who was a fighter ace during the Hapan Civil War and reached the rank Grand Marshall of the Draconian Union's Fighter Corps. She reformed the way starfighters were used in space combat in the Hapes Cluster and was also known for destroying the former flagship of the Royal Family, the Star Home.

Her trademark during the civil war was her easy-going nature and fondness for alcohol and tobacco. Her commanding officers were often outraged by the fact that she drank on duty and before going in to battle, but she insisted it raised her combat effectiveness.

Following the war she was tried and convicted of war crimes, supposedly on false charges, and sentenced to execution by spacing. Following an appeal the verdict was changed to lifetime in prison which she served until 4025.


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