Orthwell System

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Orthwell System
Region Rim Worlds
Coordinates 148,90
Sun -
Planets -
Moons -
Asteroid Fields XY389552 (9,10)
Haides IV (9,12)
XY322098 (14,14)
Comets -
Population -
Regional Governor Archon of the Rim Worlds
Noble Houses None
Discovered 1802
Colonised 18023189
Local Industry -
Historical Events Siege of XY322098

The Orthwell system is the remaining debris-field of a star-system which was discovered and colonised in 1802 during the Second Expansion Era. It thrived as a member of the Hapes Consortium until its destruction in 3189.

The larger chunks of the debris were resettled in 3977 during the Hapan civil war and became the location of the famed siege of XY322098. After the Gallinore Conference of 3999, military outposts in the system were abandoned.



Age of Queen-Mothers

The Orthwell system was one of the last systems to be discovered and colonised during the Second Expansion Era. Settlers arrived from all across the Hapes Consortium to help make the system a productive new member of the government. House Arxianic was assigned by Queen-Mother Arwinian I to administrate the new star-system.

The system orbited the Orelon star and had a number of gas giants, cold planets with no atmosphere and multiple temperate worlds. The Hapans colonised the temperate worlds and took to mining the gas giants for tibanna gas.

Over the course of the centuries, the system prospered, becoming an economic nexus in the Rim Worlds region and the last stop on a number of the Hapes Cluster's trade routes.

In 3189 waves of radiation and disturbances from the Transitory Mists started to affect Orelon. The star started fracturing and the gravitation increased intensely, pulling the other planetary bodies in the system towards it. Finally after two days, the sun died out before splintering into countless pieces that started drifting away from the star's former location, creating the Orelon Belt.

The destruction of the Orthwell system caused mass hysteria on a number of worlds across the Hapes Cluster and very few people from the Orthwell system escaped the incident. Afterwards the site of the star-system was made off limits and the location was considered to be a memorial to the countless millions who died.

Hapan Civil War

Princess Da'tanah of the Draconian Union wished to ensure the safety of all of her territory and therefore established a small base with a permanent garrison on the largest asteroid of asteroid field XY322098 in 3976. The base was used to spy on the Sword Confederacy using long range scanners which were further amplified by local phenomena. On October 5 of the same year, the Sword Confederacy landed on the outpost and established an outpost of their own from which they launched attacks on the Draconian listening post (see Siege of XY322098).

Over the months, both bases grew significantly along with the size of their garrisons. Neither side was willing to surrender the asteroid and the battle continued for 17 months until the Sword Confederacy withdrew on March 17 3978. It is considered one of the harshest and most pointless battles of the Hapan Civil War.

Post-Dark Age

After the Gallinore Conference of 3999, the base was abandoned and later destroyed. Its status as a memorial site has been restored.

Pre-Destruction Orthwell

Orelon's end.


Many ships venturing to the graveyard system have claimed that they have seen a planet with two moons phase in and out of existance. The description of the planet would fit Thrakia and its two moons, but has been proven that XY322098 is the primary remains of the planet.

Stories of ghost ships and ghost planets are dismissed by most of the Hapes Consortium's scientists.

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