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Olanji Corporation
Organisational Information
Owner Hapes Consortium
CEO Hun Leonard
President None
Industrial Field Ship Production
Departments Administration
Support Corps
Locations Charubah
Hapes Prime
Products Pulsar Battle Cruiser
Battle Dragon
Nova Battle Cruiser
Miy'til Interceptor
Hetrinar Bomber
Atlas Troop Shuttle
Escape Pod
Further Information
Affiliates Endara Mining Corporation
Endara Reclaim Industries
Previous Ownership -
Previous Leadership Lord Dortan Amethius
Ichiro Tanaka
Andrew Starfyre Jr
Establishment 4031

The Olanji Corporation is the premier ship building company of the Hapes Consortium. It is the result of a merger between several of the Consortium's older shipyards, such as Olanji/Charubah and Hapan Consortium and is now owned completely by the Hapan state. The company is tasked with constructing vessels, primarily warships and starfighters, for use by the Consortium's Royal Hapan Armed Forces.



By the end of the Hapan civil war most of the ship producers in the Hapes Cluster were limping. Most major production facilities had been destroyed in targeted raids or in the crossfire of major battles. Few of them very able to produce ships of any considerable quantity, and most orders took a painfully long time to complete. Olanji/Charubah, Hapan Consortium, Alpha Ship Construction and Zion Tech were all encouraged by King Andrew to meet and work together to help improve the Hapes Consortium and the wartorn remnants of the Royal Hapan Navy.

The "union" was called the Olanji Corporation and the four continued to work together from 4001 and on. But old rivalries were hard for most to get over and disputed between the leaders of the various companies were frequent. Olanji/Charubah was the strongest of the four and had a tendency to threaten to withdraw from the union if it did not get its way on ship designs. The reasons for the late deployment and production of Battle Dragons is usually blamed on disputes between Olanji/Charubah and Hapan Consortium.

In 4031 the Hapes Consortium bought up the remnants of the old ship production companies from the nobility that owned them and merged them in the Olanji Corporation with Lord Starfyre at the helm.


Lord Amethius, Chief Marshal of the Royal Hapan Support Corps was appointed as the CEO of the Olanji Corporation after Lorell Hall ordered an investigation in to the effectiveness of the company's leadership in the spring of 4033. A high ranking member of the Civil Service found that funds had seemingly been squandered and productivity was at an all time low. The appointment of Amethius proved to be a turning point in the company, has since raised production efficiency, morale and standard among members.

The President of the Olanji Corporation was Alley Trepe, a former officer of the Royal Hapan Navy who also served as Director of Marketing. Trepe had proven highly effective at helping Lord Amethius administrate the company. The duo replaced former CEO Ichiro Tanaka and the late Director Cyrus.

Hun Leonard, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Hapan Support Corps was appointed as the CEO of the Olanji Corporation after the transfer of Lord Amethius to the Ministry of Industry in 4034. Not too long after Lord Amethius' transfer, President Trepe also transferred to the Ministry of Industry. CEO Leonard has continued the standard of excellence that Lord Amethius and President Trepe had set forward. Today, CEO Leonard with his team of fellow RHSC and Olanji members continue to produce ships in record numbers.


Royal League of Commerce

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The Manufacturing department of the Olanji Corporation manages and operates the massive shipyards that the company own around the Hapes Cluster. They are responsible for making sure everything is produced on time, as well as hiring the required labour force needed to build ships.


The Marketing department of the Olanji Corporation was headed by President Trepe from 4033 to 4034. While the company does not sell any products on the open market, apart from escape pods, the responsibility of the marketing department was to arrange transactions and deals with other companies.

Currently, the Marketing department has no Director and is officially closed, but CEO Leonard still allows Hapan citizens to rent datacards and have personal ships produced.

With the Imperial Union, foreign contracts are still intact and also, new contracts are made for the production of ships.

Research & Development

The Research & Development department of the Olanji Corporation was originally part of the Royal Hapan Support Corps and helped the development of such craft as the Pulsar Battle Cruiser, Battle Dragon, Hetrinar Assault Bomber and Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle. It is now a separate department.

Support Corps

The Royal Hapan Support Corps is a former auxiliary branch of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces which was made part of the civilian sector in the late 4033, merging with the Olanji Corporation. It is headed by Lieutenant Colonel Hun Leonard and is responsible for Logistics as well as Engineering. Lord Dortan Amethius is still the Chief of Staff of the RHSC, but Leonard runs the daily operations.


The Olanji Corporation has a number of massive production facilities on various locations of the Hapes Cluster. A significant number of them are found around Hapes Prime, Dreena, Nagel and Lorell. However, the primary production facilities are in the old stronghold of House Olanji and Olanji/Charubah, namely the Charu system.

In addition to production facilities, the Olanji Corporation maintains repair-yards and dry-docks for the ships of the Royal Hapan Navy where the Royal Hapan Support Corps work with the Olanji engineers on repairing and maintaining Hapan vessels. A public repair yard was introduced to the Lorell system to assist with the needs of Hapan citizens owning private vessels.


Pulsar Battle Cruiser

The Royal Flagship.

Due to the slow progress in the development of the Battle Dragon, both King Andrew and Prince James longed to see a new powerful capital cruiser enter the Hapes Consortium's service. Using private funds and a team of expert ship designers, the Pulsar Battle Cruiser was designed at a secret location between 4025 and 4026. Construction began at Alpha Ship Construction in late 4026 and was completed two years later, at which point Jessy James was King. It was commissioned in 4029, a year prior to the Battle Dragon.

Hapan R&D had no budget limits on this ship, it is heavily armed and can defend itself against almost any assault. With 100 modern technology turbolaser battery, 20 heavy lasers, 40 ion batteries and 10 proton-torpedo launchers the ship is equipped for large scale battle. Rumours have it the ship has been upgraded since its original fitting in 4029.

It is unique and functions as a flagship for the Hapes Consortium and Royal Family.

Battle Dragon

Final version of the Battle Dragon.

The mainstay battleship of the Royal Hapan Navy, and the very symbol of the Hapes Consortium's naval power, is the Battle Dragon. The design of the ships went through considerable testing and revision before anything other than prototypes were released. The first Battle Dragon entered service in the Royal Hapan Navy in 4030 and the number of ships of the type has been growing ever since.

They feature an all around impressive weaponry and defences, making it capable of holding its own against ships that are considerably larger, and also defending against starfighters and bombers.

Nova Battle Cruiser

Nova Battle Cruiser mk II.

The Nova Battle Cruiser is a swift and heavily armed heavy cruiser that has been part of the Royal Hapan Navy since 4000. The last product designed by the heads of House Olanji for Olanji/Charubah during the Hapan civil war, the design was put to use by the re-unified Hapes Consortium. Even by modern standards the ship is considered powerful and unique in design.

The design has since its initial release undergone numerous changes, strengthening shields and power output to make sure the ships are able to operate at peak efficiency and hold its own against more modern ship designs.

Miy'til Interceptor

Miy'til Interceptors.

The Miy'til Interceptor was introduced as the first in a new wave of Hapan-designed starfighters by Zion Tech and the Royal Engineering Corps in 4028 after two decades of using foreign starfighters.

Powered by four thrust engines and armed with two ion cannons on the wingtips and three heavy lasers under the cockpit, this fighter packs a powerful punch. The Miy'til Interceptor is said to be a competent rival of other fighters in its class. The small chassis has a long main cockpit with two downward angled wings giving it an almost bat-like appearance. Due to the small size, Hapan engineering ingenuity is brought full circle, showcasing numerous miniaturised aspects from other fighters. An astromech socket installed in the cockpit section allows an R2 droid to be used for in-flight navigation and operations.

Hetrinar Assault Bomber

The sleek hull of the Hetrinar.

The Hetrinar Assault Bomber, a sister-ship to the Miy'til Interceptor, is the Hapan take on a fighter capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage to a capital ship. It was developed by the engineering department of the Royal Hapan Support Corps and released through the Olanji Corporation union in the fall of 4030.

With its varied, deadly armament and considerable hull strength and shields, they are often seen as heavy support for fighter groups. Unfortunately, the hefty armament and defensive capabilities do make the Hetrinar somewhat sluggish in comparison to other craft, which means it is vulnerable to enemy interceptors.

Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle

Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle.

The Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle was developed by the Royal Hapan Support Corps and Olanji Corporation in response to the Royal Hapan Army's need for a faster, more powerful troop transport with higher passenger capacity. It was available for production in 4031 and has since become available to numerous of the Hapes Consortium's branches, not just the Royal Hapan Army. It is used for crew transport by the Royal Hapan Navy, supplies and equipment transport by the Royal Hapan Support Corps and simply as transport shuttles for the members of Lorell Hall and the Civil Service.

It has a sturdy hull and strong shields for a ship of its size, but only limited weaponry. The speed is considered adequate for a troop transport freighter and it is possible that some will be modified in the future depending on the shuttle's use.

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