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Organisational Information
Owner House Olanji
Leaders Rep from House Tenar
Overseer Typically a Vilicus
Industrial Field Ship Production
Locations Charu
Famous Products Tractia Heavy Cruiser
Serin Battle Cruiser
Olanji War Frigate
Pal'durath Star Cruiser
Jyll Stinger
Quasar Battle Cruiser
Nova Battle Cruiser
Further Information
Affiliates Zion Tech
Charubah Industries
Olanji Mining Guild
Establishment 469
Dissolvement 4031

Olanji/Charubah was one of the leading ship production corporations in the Hapes Consortium from 469 until 4031. Owned by House Olanji of Charu, it produced some of the most advance warships for the Royal Hapan Navy. It was a long time rival of Hapan Consortium, which was owned by the Royal Family and nobility from the Hapan system. Olanji/Charubah was responsible for numerous technological breakthroughs in Hapan history and was in possession of one of the wonders of the Hapes Cluster, the Charu Wheels.

During the Hapan civil war, House Olanji was aligned with the Draconian Union and Olanji/Charubah was tasked with producing an extreme quantity of ships in the faction's quest to seize the Hapan throne. Following the fall of House Olanji at the Second Battle of Gallinore and surrender of the Draconian Union, the company was maintained by numerous other Draconian noble houses. The company was finally merged with the Hapan Consortium to form the Olanji Corporation in 4031.



Age of Queen-Mothers

Olanji/Charubah was established in 469 during the First Expansion Era as a rival to the Hapan Consortium shipyards owned by the Royal Family. Over the course of the centuries the two companies engaged in frequent races to develop the best technology to suit the needs of the Royal Family and the Royal Hapan Navy.

House Olanji established numerous companies as the Olanji/Charubah shipyards experienced success in their ship designs. They wanted to many sure that their company would not have to rely on any other parties for components for their ships. The Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah supplied the weaponry for ships, while Charubah Industries produced components such as engines, hyperdrive, shield generators and internal computer systems. The Olanji Mining Guild pre-dated Olanji/Charubah and ensured a steady supply of raw materials for the ships.

The Charu Wheels were constructed in the Charu system between 2304 and 2389. The massive shipyards facilities enabled Olanji/Charubah to complete orders in record time as they were able to produce entire fleets at once. The company also maintained facilities in other parts of the Hapes Cluster, governed by friendly noble houses.

While House Olanji oversaw Olanji/Charubah themselves, the day to day administration was usually managed by House Tenar, a Dukatii from Charubah. To ensure that the Olanji family's policies and standards within Olanji/Charubah were enforced, a Vilicus of the family looked over the Tenar CEO's shoulder at all times.

Dark Age

When the Hapan civil war broke out, House Olanji supported the Draconian Union and were considered to be the factor that made the conflict possible due to their ownership of Olanji/Charubah. The company increased industrial capacity during the first decades of the war, producing seemingly endless amounts of ships for the Royal Draconian Order.

The company was severely crippled with the fall of the Charu system to the Phoenix Movement in 3991. Despite House Olanji's efforts to retake the system, they were never successful. In the third battle of Charu in 3997, the family purposely destroyed the occupied Olanji/Charubah production facilities in the system, hoping to cripple the Phoenix Movement's production capabilities. The company never truly recovered from the attack. House Olanji dissolved after the death of the Olanji twins at the Second Battle of Gallinore in 3998 and the Draconian Union surrendered shortly thereafter.

Phoenix Age & Golden Age

The remnants of the company were administered by the Draconian shareholders committee during the Phoenix Age and Golden Age. The rivalry with the Hapan Consortium yards continued, especially over rights to produce the O/C-designed Nova Battle Cruiser and during the development of the Battle Dragon design.

Much of the company's funding from the Hapan government went in to the reconstruction of production facilities in the Charu system and elsewhere. The remaining shares were all purchased by the Hapan state in 4031 and Olanji/Charubah was merged with the Hapan Consortium shipyards and other smaller companies to officially become the Olanji Corporation.

Charu System & Charu Wheels

Charu Wheel B near Jyll.

During the Age of Queen-Mothers, the Charu system was an industrial nexus in the Hapes Consortium with billions of individuals working for the many corporations owned by House Olanji. Their absolute control of the system, combined with their unique dual representation in Lorell Hall ensured that the company often got its way when matters relating to commerce, industry and production were brought up in the grand council.

The Charu Wheels were without a doubt House Olanji's greatest achievement and gave Olanji/Charubah a considerable advantage over all of its competition. Close to 750,000 individuals worked onboard the two space stations which had been constructed over a period of 85 years. The stations generated an enormous amount of traffic through the system, and had their own traffic lane apart from the rest.

Famous Products

Olanji/Charubah produced a long list of ships over the course of the centuries, most of which were capital cruisers. One famous ship type was the Tractia Heavy Cruiser design. Produced in a very limited quantity during the Decline Era and Dark Age, these ships functioned as flagships and heavy battleships. The designs for the vessel were lost in the destruction of the Charu Wheels in 3997 and the last vessel of the type was destroyed in the Second Battle of Gallinore.

The Nova Battle Cruiser was designed by Eledri Olanji and Aladri Olanji, the last members of House Olanji, but they never saw an operational cruiser in their lifetime.

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Preceded by:
Hapan Consortium
Premier ship builder of the Hapes Consortium
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Hapan Consortium
Succeeded by:
Olanji Corporation
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