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Miy'til Interceptor
Production Information
Manufacturer Olanji Corporation
Designer Royal Engineering Corps
Product Line -
Commissioned 4028
Model Miy'til Interceptor
Class Interceptor
In Service 4028-Present
Technical Specifications
Length 15 meters
Width ?
Height ?
Weight 37 T
Volume 625.0 m³
Sublight Speed 70 MGLT
Hyperspeed N/A
Engine Units HC X thrust engines
Hyperdrive N/A
Manoeuvrability 3
Power Plant Jyll IX Reactor
Ionic Capacity 30
Shield Generators CI Generator (2)
Shield Rating 60
Hull Rating 60
Targeting Systems RAGoC targeting computer
Sensors 1
Armament Heavy Laser (3)
Ion Cannon (2)
Proton-Torpedo Launcher (1)
Special None
Crew Pilot (1)
Astromech Droid (1)
Passengers 0
Weight Capacity 0,0100 T
Volume Capacity 0,0200 m³
Consumables 1 week
Affiliation Royal Hapan Navy
Role(s) Starfighter
Era(s) Golden Age
Conflict(s) Black Sun Crisis
Dellalt Conflict

The Miy'til Interceptor is the mainstay superiority starfighter of the Hapes Consortium. It was designed by the Royal Engineering Corps on order from King James in order to fill the Royal Hapan Navy's needs for a faster and more powerful starfighter. For the duration of the Phoenix Age the Hapes Consortium used imported starfighter such as Z-95 Headhunters.

The Miy'til design was completed and put in to mass production in 4028. The craft's small size meant that the Hapan engineers had to miniaturise many of its components. It employs an Astromech droid to assist with in-flight operations and navigation. The Miy'til is, like other small starfighters, relatively lightly armed, with three laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers. They are commonly deployed onboard fleet carriers, Battle Dragons and Nova Battle Cruisers due to their lack of hyperdrive.




After the Dark Age, most of the Hapes Consortium's starfighter designs were considered obsolete. King Andrew had Z-95 Headhunters and R-41 Starchasers imported to over the course of the Phoenix Age to meet the Royal Hapan Navy's demand for modern starfighter technology. The ships were generally unpopular with the Hapan naval officers and pilots alike. Shortly after his coronation King James ordered the Royal Engineering Corps to design a new starfighter for the Hapes Consortium.

Designs were completed in 4028 and the Miy'til Interceptor was put in to mass production in factories across the Hapes Cluster. At a rapid speed, the Z-95 Headhunter design was replaced in the Royal Hapan Navy and was decommissioned in 4029.


The Miy'til Interceptors became a common sight in all the regions of the Hapes Cluster and saw extensive action as early in their career as 4029 when several wings of fighters participated in the Black Sun Crisis. While some flew frequent patrols over Lorell on red alert in anticipation of an imminent attack from Black Sun and its affiliates, others conducted surgical precision strikes in the illegal city districts on the planet's surface, reducing countless facilities to dust.

The fighter was also present in the Dellalt Conflict in 4031 where a fleet from the Royal Hapan Navy was deployed to the Allied Tion in response to the New Anzat Order's aggression against Nikklon Mining Incorporated.

Ship Statistics

Design & Hull

The design of the Miy'til Interceptor pays tribue to many historical starfighter designs by the Hapan Consortium. It has a transparisteel bubble canopy glass for excellent visibility in all directions. The craft's small size meant that the Hapan engineers had to miniaturise many of its components. The basic hull is short and sleek, coming in at just over 15 meters. The ship has a hull rating of 60.


The nose holds a set of triple-linked heavy lasers and a proton-torpedo launcher with a bay of ten missiles. The missiles are custom-built, featuring a sophisticated tracking system that can overcome the fighter's jamming system. Each of the two wing contains ion cannons.


The ship has two CI shield generators, one on each of the wings, which gives the ship a total shield rating of 60.


With 4 HC X fusial thrust engines, the Miy'tils have a sublight speed of 70 MGLT which is quite considerable and comparable to its counterparts in foreign navies. Adding hyperdrive to the future generations of Miy'til Interceptors has been a long-time dream of the Royal Hapan Navy's leadership.

Famous Miy'til Interceptors

The Star of Arxian (Xal Arxianah) was a Miy'til Interceptor given to Lord Tylger by King James in 4028 as a reward his service as Regent and Prime Minister of the Hapes Consortium. It is to date the only Miy'til Interceptor that has been in possession by any private individual. It has since been returned to the Royal Hapan Navy.

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