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Ministry of Defence
Organisational Information
Minister Ryou Vacosa
Deputy Minister None
Notable Members Gane Lant
Locke Firecam
Vang Tyrridon
Tovakinpi Toshikhan
Jessy James
Alex Tylger
Alex Smith
Zanrike Valandil
Romar Feren
Jay Stiletto
Andrew Starfyre
Robin Hood
Housed In Citadel of Defence
Departments Royal Hapan Navy
Royal Hapan Army
Royal Hapan Military Academy
Establishment 40264027

The Ministry of Defence is a government department devoted to the management and administration of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. It bridges the gap between the Hapan government and the Armed Forces, being subordinate to the Sovereign, yet superior to the individual branch commanders. Traditionally a Ministry of Defence has been established in periods where the Royal Hapan Armed Forces have entered stable periods of firm leadership of direction as a means to help with organisation and management. It has been created and disbanded numerous times since its inception.



The Ministry of Defence was first established in 4026 under the leadership of the Royal Hapan Army's commanding officer, Grand General Harr. It was the first major attempt to organise the Royal Hapan Armed Forces under the central jurisdiction of the Hapan Government. It proved initially successful and helped organise the expansion of the military with the addition of such branches as HapSec. However the Ministry was quickly abolished following Grand General Harr's military revolt of 4027 and direct command of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces went back to the Sovereign.

Following the Royal Hapan Armed Forces' success during the Black Sun Crisis of 4029 the Ministry was briefly revived under the leadership of Vang Tyrridon. However, the additional bureaucratic workload the Ministry imposed upon the military, especially the Royal Hapan Navy, led to its dissolvement once again some two months in to 4030.

It was once again reinstated early in 4034 following two consecutive restructuring attempts of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces by the various branch commanders. The Grand Council, where the Military Council and Royal Council had previously come together, was permanently dissolved and the Ministry of Defence was given a seat on the Royal Council, speaking for the military there. Its role and authority has been reduced slightly from the two previous times it was formed, but the Minister is the chairman of the High Command; the senior authoritative body within the military.

In the year 4036, following further attempts to restructure the department, the Ministry was temporarily dissolved and the Military was once again separated completely from the Government, with the Chief of Staff being the only member to remain on the Royal Council. The Royal Hapan Armed Forces also saw a number of other changes at this time, most notable of which was the dissolvement of the Ministry's most long-standing organisation; the Royal Hapan Army. The Ministry was reformed once again in 4037 after the coronation of King Alexander I, who desired the Armed Forces to come under a formal government department, though it was still to be headed by the military commander of the Armed Forces.


Royal Hapan Navy

Main Article: Royal Hapan Navy

The Royal Hapan Navy is the mainstay force under the command of the Ministry of Defence. It is the second oldest and most senior service of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces, and is considered the third most powerful naval force of the galaxy. Formed in the early days of the Nele'serin dynasty as the Royal Hapan Space Fleet, it has performed a role in the defence of the traditionally isolationist Hapes Cluster for much of its existence, with its role, authority and power growing through time as the Cluster's government and Noble Houses adjusted to the changing political landscapes of both the Cluster and the external Galaxy.

Royal Hapan Army

Main Article: Royal Hapan Army

The Royal Hapan Army is the oldest service of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and has for much of its existence been an enormous versatile ground force devoted to the security and defence of the Hapes Consortium. It was founded as an official branch of the Hapes Consortium in year 13, during the Foundation Era when the Consortium consisted only of Lorell and Hapes Prime.

Though the ground forces was a contrast to the Navy as it maintained a fairly constant structure throughout the Age of Queen-Mothers and was always considered an important part of the Hapes Consortium, it currently lies dormant, after having been dissolved during the Firecam Reforms to the Armed Forces during 4036. Though this meant that the burden of ground-based defence fell upon the Royal Hapan Navy and the Chume'doro, a large portion of Army personnel had their rates and commissions transferred directly to naval ranks, and continued their service to the military as ground specialists in the 'new' Navy.

Royal Hapan Military Academy

Main Article: Royal Hapan Military Academy

The Royal Hapan Military Academy is an educational institution of the Armed Forces, present at numerous times during the latter's existence as the centralised training body for all Naval Cadets and Army Candidates seeking assignment to an active posting. Though it has always been assigned the mandate of ensuring that all new recruits to the military are trained to an equally high standard, and to a standard not to be out-done by the external powers of the Galaxy, it has on occasion outsourced the act of training direct to the various fleets and branches of the military, with new recruits learning 'on-the-job', rather than in a classroom or training craft.

The Military Academy has for much of the 4030s been situated at Camp Hood, Ut, and has colloquially taken on the name of Camp Hood informally amongst both instructors and students.

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