Lyric Shaa

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Lyric Ducha Shaa
Nobility Information
Noble House House Shaa
Title Countess
Biographical Information
Species Hapan
Homeworld Dreena, Alsace system
Mother Dahalia Shaa
Father Inabro Shaa
Spouse None
Issue None
Born 3960
Dreena, Alsace system
Died 3982
Alsace system
Additional & Historical Information
Affiliation Tears of Dawnstar

Lyric Shaa was the third daughter born to Lady Shaa, matriarch of House Shaa, and younger sister to Countesses Wensay and Emilie Shaa. Under the guise of a revolutionist, she would become the second leader of the Alsacian rebel group, Tears of Dawnstar, succeeding her mentor and foster father, Makel Strom'fel. She was credited with reviving Dawnstar upon the untimely death of Strom'fel, quickly asserting herself as an unquestioned leader, unparalleled in her charisma and poise.

Lyric would lead Tears of Dawnstar into the forefront in their guerilla war against House Shaa and the Draconian Union's presence in the Alsace system, culminating in multiple strikes that substantially crippled Shaa’s ability to gain control over the system after having defeated the Victory Alliance in the year 3972. However, Lyric and Tears of Dawnstar would meet a tragic end after a failed strike against Countess Emilie Shaa's ship, Maiden of Iron.


Early Life

Lyric Shaa was born in the year 3960, the second daughter of Lady Shaa, the powerful matriarch of House Shaa of the Alsace system. Most of her childhood was spent under the tutelage of Draconian nobles, to be groomed into a Countess to carry on the Shaa name. She was renowned for her beauty and praised for her intelligence. Jealousy from her elder sister, Emilie Shaa, would strain their relationship.

During the war against the Victory Alliance, both Emilie and Lyric Shaa were selected to command two separate fleets for House Shaa. Lyric instead chose not to participate in the war but chose love instead, having fallen in love with a young scholar. The romance would end in tragedy, as the war would ravage Alsace. Lyric’s lover disappeared in the ensuing carnage of battle, and forced her into hiding, away from her mother’s watchful eye. She discarded her surname and began traveling to various cities and planets in Alsace, each time coming face to face with the horrors of warfare. She grew more and more disillusioned with the tactics of her sister.

Tears of Dawnstar

Lyric, having lost all hope, wandered aimlessly in the Dreenian desert until she was found by Makel Strom'fel, the founder and leader of Tears of Dawnstar. Lyric was welcomed into the rebel group and was cared for by Strom'fel, who she would come to view as a father figure in her life. She was mentored by the legendary Strom'fel, and would later take on a more active role in Dawnstar. She exhibited her leadership qualities early, and easily gained the respect and admiration of the predominately male peasants and slaves that made up the roster of the revolutionary group.

Makel Strom'fel would die soon after during a failed raid of a Shaa military base in Cavallero. The defeat was a devastating one for Dawnstar, such that their moral was almost broken to the point of disbanding. And though Lyric herself had suffered the greatest lost in losing her foster father, she rallied the rebel group back as only Makel Strom'fel could. Lyric possessed a fierce determination that drew the attention of others. She was charismatic and a natural leader who did not let her beauty or elegant nature hinder her, but rather her passionate stand against oppression and inequality caused many to follow her.

It was at this time that Lyric had a fateful encounter with a young Remiel Windcloud during a failed raid on a Shaa storage facility. Lyric, at first perturbed by the carefree and reckless nature of Windcloud, nevertheless invited him into Dawnstar. Windcloud would then become a valuable member of the rebel group.

Capture & Execution

Lyric’s fate would meet an unfortunate end in the year 3982. Tears of Dawnstar’s final mission was to commandeer Countess Emilie Shaa’s personal warship, the Maiden of Iron, as if flew through Dreena space to personally oversee the construction of a new House Shaa space station. Several members of the Dawnstar inner circle devised a daring plan to intercept the Maiden of Iron, accost the ship, and kidnap Countess Shaa. Lyric led the team and stormed the Maiden of Iron, which was docked at the partially-finished Golan I station over Dreena. Though they were able to penetrate deep into the warship, the mission would unfortunately end in disaster as the Dawnstar team rushed into a trap set by Countess Shaa. Though Dawnstar retaliated valiantly, they were hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

The uprising on the Maiden of Iron would eventually be put down as well, and Countess Shaa took her prisoners back to the devastated Dawnstar base to be executed. Lyric and her compatriots watched in utter horror at the devastation of their home. The camp was set ablaze and not a soul was left alive. Countess Shaa proceeded to reveal her execution weapon of choice, an infamous Gun of Command. Using the Gun of Command, Countess Shaa proceeded to have each member of Lyric’s team execute themselves with a blaster shot through the temple. Shaa, however, saved the best for last, as she recognized the romantic bond between the remaining Lyric and Remiel Windcloud. She pulled out Remiel’s vibrosword with the intention of ordering Lyric to kill herself with it, but not before revealing that Lyric was in fact, her younger sister (the secret Lyric did not wish to reveal to Remiel). Remiel’s hands were bound by binders, and his legs were incapacitated from the torture of the Draconian guards. He could do nothing but attempt to talk Lyric out of. Lyric struggled, as tears streamed down her face, but she succumbed to the power of the Gun of Command and plunged Remiel’s vibrosword through her torso. At that moment, Remiel somehow broke the binders, but he was only able to catch Lyric in his arms as she fell. Though she was neurologically restored, she died in Remiel’s arms while professing her love for him with her dying breath.

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