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Leto Tarix Chume Tini'duran
Regent Leto Tini'duran
Nobility Information
Noble House House Tini'duran
House James
Title Lord
Political Information
Position Regent
In Office 4029
Political Alignment Conservative
Politically Active 4029
Predecessor None
Previously Alex Tylger
Successor None
Eventually Zell Jaak
Biographical Information
Species Hapan
Homeworld Maires, Hapan system
Mother Mali Tini'duran
Father ?
Spouse None
Issue None
Born July 1, 3970
Lorell, Lorell system
Death October 24, 4029
Hapes Prime, Hapan system
Additional & Historical Information
Additional Positions -
Prior Service Retainer of House James
Awards -

Leto Tini'duran (Leto Tarix Chume Tini'duran Mairesah) (commonly known as Leto Chume) was a member of the former Royal Family, House Tini'duran, and also a retainer in House James. He functioned as Regent of the Hapes Consortium during the Black Sun Crisis in 4029.


Early Life

Tini'duran was born on 3970 as the third child of Lady Tini'duran. The Tini'duran family had ruled the Hapes Consortium successfully during the Antiquity Era and was a big supporter of the Draconian Union during the Hapan civil war. As the family was originally from Maires and were forced to abandon their holdings in the early stages of the conflict, Leto grew up on Lorell.

He was fond of politics and expressing his opinion, even though he was a "mere male", and never joined the Draconian Armed Forces like his siblings and parents had done. Instead he was educated at several prestigious academies on Lorell to prepare for a life within the political arena, even though his status would probably mean a quite low ranked position.

After the re-unification of the Hapes Consortium in 4000, House Tini'duran moved back to Maires and Leto presued a career as a local politician. He was the Hapes Consortium's local liaison to the Mairan race and often visited Hapes Prime to relay reports on relations to King Andrew himself.


He met Jessy James, then the Crown Prince, in 4025 during one of his monthly visits to Hapes Prime. He was invited to become part of House James as a retainer and personal assistant. Granted the title Vilicus, Leto spent his time moving between the Rii system, Maires and Vergill, managing all of the future King's holdings.

It is also rumored that Leto arranged for Jessy James to meet Victoria James during an official visit to Maires. He performed the ceremony at their lavish wedding and was also the sword-bearer of House James.


During the Black Sun Crisis, King James left the Hapes Cluster to visit first Coruscant and then Bastion to discuss Black Sun's aggression towards the Hapes Consortium with the two different Imperial factions. Leto was made Regent and temporarily led the Hapes Consortium in close co-operation with Lord Choibacco Antaria, the Prime Minister of the time.

The two were affectionately referred to by some Hapans as "the twin Wookiees" due to Leto's heavyset figure, somewhat scruffy hairstyle and beard and also his enormous appetite. He appeared in numerous news broadcasts during the Black Sun Crisis, responding to accusations and lies from the Black Sun leadership while also reporting the progress of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces' efforts to remove the crime syndicate's influence on the planet.


After the return of King James and end of the Black Sun Crisis, Leto's unhealthy lifestyle caught up to him and he suffered two consecutive heart attacks and died on October 24. He received a state funeral which was broadcast across the Hapan Holonet across the Hapes Cluster.

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