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Lana Da'tanah Pelin'a Pal'durath
Princess Lana Da'tanah Pal'durath of the Draconian Union
Monarchial Information
Reign (Draconian Union)
Coronation October 13, 3979
Predecessor Da'tan Pal'durath
Successor None
Heir Ynsin Ci'hani
Alex Tylger
Biographical Information
Royal House House Pal'durath
Consort None
Issue None
Mother Da'tan Pal'durath
Father Xariq Tylger
Born October 13, 3963
Died September 2, 3998
Historical Information
Other Service -
Other Titles/Positions -

Lana Da'tanah Pal'durath (Princess Da'tanah of Lorell & Crown Princess Da'tanah of the Hapes Consortium) (Lana Da'tanah Pelin'a Pal'durath Lorellah & Lana Da'tanah Pal'durath Chume'da Hapesah) was the first and only child of Princess Da'tan and her consort Lord Xariq Tylger of the Draconian Union. Her mother was killed shortly after the birth and so Princess Da'tanah was cared for by Lady Ci'hani who also functioned as Regent of the Draconian Union until she was old enough to lead. Once she turned sixteen years old, the Princess assumed command of the union and created a legacy of her own, going down in Hapan history as one of the most brutal and extreme leaders of the Hapan civil war.

Born several decades in to the Dark Age, the Princess knew no other life than war and was groomed to be the successor of her mother. As she grew up, she maintained close ties with all the leading noble houses of the Draconian Union, especially House Ci'hani and House Tylger which were her closest relatives still loyal to the Draconian banner. She promoted cooperation, loyalty and respect between the noble houses and was known as a matchmaker, doing her best to make sure that members of the most important noble houses married each other. Apparently the Princess believed in the idea of blood being thicker than water, despite her feud with her older cousin who was leading the Sword Confederacy. She was very much conservative, promoting the ideals of her mother (though to a more extreme), and often resorted to excessive violence to implement her ideas.

The Princess died in the Second Battle of Gallinore, which is considered the last major engagement of the Hapan civil war, where she had hoped to finish off the rebellious Phoenix Movement herself.

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