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Inaq Thian Ta'a Chume Pal'durath
Monarchial Information
Reign 39063946
Coronation August 4, 3906
Predecessor Wessindi Pal'durath
Successor None
Heir None
Biographical Information
Royal House House Pal'durath
Consort Vidall Seralii
Issue Da'tan Pal'durath
Ta'lan Pal'durath
Mother Wessindi Pal'durath
Father Dalar Raqill
Born March 9, 3877
Hapes Prime
Died February 23, 3946
Hapes Prime
Historical Information
Other Service -
Other Titles/Positions -

Inaq Thian Pal'durath (Queen-Mother Pal'durath VII) (Inaq Thian Ta'a Chume Pal'durath Hapesah) (3877–3946) was the last Queen-Mother of the Hapes Consortium. Her reign was fairly peaceful, though a series of poor decisions, such as not appointing a successor, is considered to have been a contributing factor to the Dark Age. She spent most of her adult life struggling with various illnesses and fell in to a coma in the fall of 3945.

Her daughters, Princess Da'tan and Princess Ta'lan, bickered for control of the throne and eventually started the Hapan Civil War.


Early Life

Inaq Thian Pal'durath was born in Ta'a Chume'Dan on Hapes Prime in 3877 to Queen-Mother Pal'durath VI and her consort Prince Dalar. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years on Hapes Prime, showing little interest in visiting the rest of the Hapes Consortium's worlds, though on occasion she visited her father's home on Selab.

She was officially named heir to the throne when she turned 16 and spent much time studying for her eventual reign as Queen-Mother. On a visit to Gormoth with her father in 3900, she became infected with a previously unknown strain of Gormothian plague. While doctors were able to treat her, she had to live with side-effects of the disease for the rest of her life.

In 3903 she married Vidall Seralii, a member of the Dukatii House Seralii from Hapes Prime.


She became Queen-Mother in 3906, following her mother's death. In her initial few years on the throne she received some criticism from members of the Interior region's nobility who felt she did not take an active interest in the events taking place outside the Capital. The events they referred to was the active build-up of some noble houses military and power in areas of the Rim Worlds and Rifle Worlds regions. House Olanji and House Par'wandi's industrial might reached an all time high during her reign.

Still, Pal'durath maintained her faith in the loyalty of the nobility, especially House Olanji which were considered to be close friends of House Pal'durath. She employed Nilij Cal'taru as a Royal Advisor and official Diplomat of the Throne, giving her the task of travelling around the Hapes Cluster and meeting with various nobles and dignitaries.

"Her Majesty seemed to have appointed me simply to ease the minds of some members of the nobility who worried greatly about the private might of various noble houses. She took little active interest in what the Olanji family was up to." Memoirs of Nilij Cal'taru, Royal Advisor and Diplomat, Chapter IV, paragraph 9).

She later had two children. Da'tan Pal'durath was born in 3926 and Ta'lan Pal'durath in 3928. One of Pal'durath's more questionable actions was not appointing a heir. While she was not obliged to appoint a heir from her own family (see adoption in the Hapes Consortium), it was expected of her to name a successor due to her frail health.

Unlike her, the children became interested in the worlds outside the Capital from an early age. They developed strong political opinions and engaged in heated discussions whenever they met. Pal'durath appointed Princess Da'tan as overseer of the Rim Worlds and Rifle Worlds in 3942. This caused an outcry in Lorell Hall, to which she responded:

"This governing body exists at Our mercy. Our will is law. Never forget it." - Records of Lorell Hall

In the late 3945 she fell in a coma and Lorell Hall debated on a daily basis on who was to succeed her in the event that she never recovered. The two daughters rallied supporters behind themselves in their bids for power.

She passed away on the morning of February 24 3946 and was burried the following day. Two days after the funeral, Princess Da'tan's forces attacked Lorell and declared war.


Monarchial Styles of
Queen-Mother Pal'durath VII of the Hapes Consortium
Reference style Her Majesty
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Ereneda

Her daughters never saw the end of the conflict they triggered, and neither did their children. Her consort outlived her, but committed suicide in 3947.


She was an unpopular figure around the Hapes Cluster for most of the Hapan civil war and was held largely responsible for the entire conflict. The best-selling Memoirs of Nilij Cal'taru redeemed her in the eyes of the people, following its release in 4031, as it showed her as a caring and compassionate mother, torn by a choice she was unwilling to make.

Nilij Cal'taru has said in numerous interviews that Inaq Thian Pal'durath had decided to appoint a grandchild as a successor instead and was waiting for one of her daughters to produce offspring. Whoever was born first would be named as the Royal heir. She never lived to see the day.

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