Ice Moon

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Ice Moon
Gemstone Information
Found On Hapes Prime
Hapan Moon III
Colours Frosty White
Pale Blue
Rarity Extremely Rare
Useage Jewelry

The Ice Moon gemstone is found only on two locations in the galaxy, the planet Hapes Prime and its third moon, and even there it is extremely rare. On Hapes Prime it is found only within a single mountain, the Mountain of the Crown. The Ice Moon is considered one of the rarest gemstones in the galaxy and with that one of the most prized.



Because of its value Ice Moon has become throughout the ages a stone of Hapan royalty and a symbol of the power and wealth of Hapes. Hapes has established the Mountain of the Crown as a closed area for generations under the protection of both the King’s personal guard and the Royal Hapan Army. This posting is considered among many as one of the most honorable assignments to ever receive.

Ice Moon is a hard stone of colours ranging from mainly frosty white to pale blue with transparent veins running throughout in a random fashion giving each sample of this stone uniqueness. The chemical make up of this stone has been carefully analyzed by scientists and all attempts of replication paled at the beauty of the original until a queen had all scientific study banned and all records of its research classified at the highest levels to protect Ice Moon and its value.


Medal of Honour

Ice Moon is considered exclusive property of the Crown both before and after it has undergone the careful extraction process of its mining. The only way that a sample has ever left the watchful eyes of its guards is on the occasion that the reigning ruler of the Hapes Consortium has a Medal of Honour made. This medal is the highest reward that any Hapan can ever achieve which can only be handed out by the crown. The medal is made of carved pure Ice Moon suspended from a ribbon. The occurrence of a Medal of Honour being awarded is rare and most Hapans spend a lifetime without seeing one awarded.


The only way that most Hapans can see an example of Ice Moon is by traveling to the Royal Hapan Palace where a fountain of Ice Moon stands in an open courtyard. This fountain was commissioned during the Second Antiquity Era as a symbol of the wealth of the Hapes Consortium and is estimated to hold a value of several hundreds of billions of credits. The fountain along with the rest of the palace’s grounds is kept under heavy security by the King’s guards.

The crown jewels of the Hapes Consortium contain many Ice Moons along with many other assorted Hapan gemstones.

Practical Use

Tiny fragments of Ice Moon gemstones were used in the power cells of Guns of Command, adding to their high cost and severely limiting production and widespread use of the weapons.

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