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House James
"Honor, Glory, Pride"
Royal House Information
Leader Jessy James
Establishment 4027
Hapan Dominion Hapes Cluster
See System List
Personal Dominion Terephon System
Notable Assets
Notable Living Members Victoria James
Jessica James
Orion James
Retainers Lilith Delcroix
Keyra Alcon
Kael Trite
Founders Jessy James
Notable Deceased Members -

House James is one of two Royal Houses in Hapes and is the older of the two currently in existence. House James was formed in 4027 when Grand Admiral Jessy James was crowned prince by King Andrew Starfyre. Jessy James later went on to become the King of Hapes, later succeeded by King Alex Tylger, which is the second royal house in the Consortium today. House James is based in the The Mighty House James Palace which is located on Terephon, in the Terephon System.


Est. 4027

It was the year 4027 that marked the founding of House James. At the time Jessy James was very busy with his naval career and had little time to create any sort of infrastructure for the house, the only notable occurrence in the first few years was the registration of the House James emblem, which took place in Spring of 4028.


During the 4030's Hapes was booming with noble houses, many of the houses had a large number of retainers and had established large infrastructures on their home planet of operations. This resulted directly from King James allowing Lords to establish businesses on their home worlds and export within the cluster, boosting inter cluster economy and assisting the lords to gain a stronghold in their systems. While the lords kept their regular positions in Hapes they were able to boast of booming economy within their houses. Major trade routes within the cluster were formed, and houses had their own ships and sales representative moving and selling the freight.

It wasn't until 4034 that House James made plans of its own to keep up with the lords. Early 4034 marked the construction of several major mining colonies which then led to the construction of two class III and two class IV shipyards in the system. House James hired several hundred ship builders to work at the shipyards and in 4035 the House was officially involved in ship production. The house produced several warships for the military, sub contracted through Olanji Corporation but also several civilian ships which were sold to the general public.

Home Base Terephon

Late 4035 marked the completion of the Mighty House James Palace in the city James'topia, followed by the construction of the house ranch, and later an exotic Zoo. James'topia houses the planets Computer Control Center Skynet, as well as some major defense installations and barracks. The city is located in the center of a cluster of cities, which mark the planets south side hub.

The Palace is the center of business for the House today, all contracts and deals are worked out within and a constant monitoring of business takes place. Despite not having any long term contracts on a regular basis, the shipyards find themselves constantly busy with either last minute orders or repairs. The shipyard constellation is also marked as a central repair hub for the Hapan military when operating near the Terephon System.


Despite having hundreds of employees the royal house has very few retainers compared to some of the noble houses. House James consists mostly of just family members, Jessy James is the house leader, with his wife Victoria James, his daughter Jessica James and son Orion James. When Jessy James retired as King of Hapes he also withdrew from most of the political scene and left business to his children. Orion James was only a few years old, which left the focus on Jessica James who was 19. Jessica James had been traveling with her father for the latter years of his reign and learning all about the family business.

Kael Trite

Kael Trite was the first retainer other than a family member for the house, and was a long time friend of King James. Kael was announced as a retainer shortly after the retainer system was introduced to noble houses. Kael's work was priceless and jump started many a project within the house. King James described him as someone the house could not do without. Kael served faithfully for many years before returning home to his family for retirement.

Keyra Alcon

As Kael was preparing for retirement King James hired Keyra Alcon as a freelance pilot to ease some of Kael's work load. It soon became obvious the work load would not decrease, and Keyra moved to Terephon to better serve the house. After Jessica took over the house business she made Keyra an official house member, assigning her one of the house' warships as mobile quarters, and providing her accommodation in the palace.

Lilith Delcroix

Lilith first came into contact with House James as Jessica James contracted her for several art projects. The two girls became good friends and soon Lilith found herself flying freelance on a regular basis for the house. Despite being Hapan Lilith grew up outside of the cluster and knew little about her own people. Lilith was a member of Black Sun when they first met, however her curiosity to her own heritage soon got the better of her and she found herself leaving Black Sun to reside in Terephon and work for House James full time. Her good work and friendship with Jessica resulted in her becoming an official retainer of House James in 4038.

Military Power

King James was well known for traveling in style, and that was no different when it came to his House. House James boasts a fleet worthy of any dominant navy today, and more firepower than some entire governments will ever have. With the sister Super Star Destroyers, the King James and the Queen James, over 15 heavy support capital ships such as Dreadnaughts and Kaloths, and numerous smaller ships such as medical frigates to support the fleet, it strikes a fear in any outsider.

Despite the large fleet, House James also invested in some major system defenses. Terephon is home to well over 40 defense stations ranging from Golan II's to Azturks, all strategically positioned around Terephon to provide maximum coverage. And should anyone manage to get into orbit of the planet, the Skynet defense system has enough firepower on the surface to shred entire fleets of Super Star Destroyers. Terephons defenses are one of the most advanced in the Hapan Cluster today, and for this very reason Terephon is designated as a retreating point for the current King. The military uses Terephon as their benchmark when designing defenses for other cluster locations.

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Royal Family of the Hapes Consortium
House James
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