Hapes Prime

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Hapes Prime
Astrographical Information
Region Capital
System Hapan System
Coordinates 4,4
Suns Hapan
Satellites Hapan Moon I
Hapan Moon II
Hapan Moon III
Hapan Moon IV
Rotation Period 22 standard hours
Orbital Period 240 standard days

Physical Information

Size 16x16
Class Temperate
Atmosphere Breathable
Climate Warm
Primary Terrain Grassland
Societal Information
Regional Governor Gane Lant
Noble Houses House James
Population 1,078,092,163
Civilisation Level 7%
Native Species Hapan
Immigrated Species Vergill
Official Language Hapan
Commerce & Industry Wine & Liquor Production
Local Currency Hapan Credit
Tax Level 5%
Planet Income 9,030,325
Tax Income 451,516
Major Cities Chume'Dan
Points of Interest Royal Hapan Palace
Lorell Hall
Gallinore Square
Reef Fortress
Historical Information
Discovered -447 (Pre-Founding Age)
Colonised -429 (Pre-Founding Age)
Significant Events -

The planet Hapes (commonly known as Hapes Prime) is the capital world of the Hapes Consortium. It lies in the centre of the Hapes Cluster and is part of the Hapan system which makes up the Capital region. The planet is famous for its many moons that bathes the world in light all year around. Notably it is the largest temperate planet of the Hapes Cluster and is considered to be representative of all the beauty and perfection that the Hapes Consortium stands for.

The most important city on the planet is Chume'Dan where the Royal Hapan Palace along with Lorell Hall is located. Despite its size and importance, Hapes Prime has been sparsely developed in order to maintain the beauty and appearance of the planet.



The Lorell Raiders over Terephon in -429, approaching Hapes Prime and its moons.

Hapes Prime was discovered a few years after the Lorell Raiders first settled in the Lorell system during the Pre-Founding Age. They were amazed by the planet's size and beauty, but did not colonise the planet until -429. Various settlements were established on the central and southern continents which were primarily used by members of the Lorell Raiders who were not part of the raiding missions in to the Galactic Republic.

After the female uprising against the Lorell Raiders, the Hapes Consortium was founded with Hapes Prime as the capital world in year 1 of the Foundation Era (Age of Queen-Mothers). The early monarchs of the Nele'serin dynasty were simply styled Queen of Hapes, but from 57 and on, the title Queen-Mother of the Hapes Consortium was introduced.

Chume'Dan was founded with a smaller royal residence in 5. The first grandiose Royal Hapan Palace was constructed during the First Expansion Era on orders from Queen-Mother Arxianic II. Most of the cities on Hapes Prime were located around the capital city with the purpose of supplying the Royal Family with goods or providing residences for servants and dignitaries. There were some minor settlements on the other continents which eventually developed in to larger cities, such as Haporium and Basington.

Lorell Hall a giant building devoted to administrative purposes and the meetings of nobility and governors was completed in 2449. It was built on the northern hill of Ta'a Chume'Dan, overlooking the Royal Hapan Palace and the Star Home.

During the Dark Age and Hapan civil war, the planet was made the target of numerous attacks in various attempts to seize the throne. Most of the assaults failed in the beginning phases as the attacking troops were unable to fortify their positions on the planet. The last battle for Hapes Prime was the only successful one, resulting in the Phoenix Movement seizing the planet.

During the Phoenix Age and later Golden Age, the few damaged cities on the planet were quickly rebuilt and renovated. The last city to receive renovation was Haporium which became a cultural memorial in 4033.



The Royal Family, officials from the government, representatives of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and other dignitaries frequent Hapes Prime and specifically Chume'Dan to discuss matters of importance in Lorell Hall and the Royal Hapan Palace.

Most of the major departments of the Hapes Consortium's government, including all the ministries, have their main offices in Chume'Dan, near Lorell Hall and the Royal Hapan Palace.

Hapes Prime is considered to be the capital world of the Hapan system, Capital region and also the Hapes Consortium. While it is most of the time considered to be part of the greater Interior region, it is administrated by the Prime Minister himself with the assistance of his office's staff.

Commerce & Industry

In order to preserve the beauty of the planet, the commercial and industrial activity on the planet has been severely restricted and is limited to nature-friendly activity. Tzimernut and Tik farms are frequent across the planet, along with strictly regulated fishing industry.

Many of the provinces of the planet have also devoted themselves to the production of wines and liquor. Famous products include the Queen-Mother's Choice red wine from the Seralii province and Pal'durath XO.

During the Age of Queen-Mothers the Royal Family's ship manufacturing company Hapan Consortium had a number of facilities on the planet which were bombed during the Hapan civil war and eventually removed during the Phoenix Age.

Cities & Development

Classical buildings in Basington.

Besides Chume'Dan and Haporium, the city Basington has become a major metropolis which covers parts of the southern continent of Hapes Prime. All further development has been halted in order to preserve the planet's appearance. The planet has a population of just over one billion, consisting mostly of staff for the capital city and all the important facilities within it.

Recently the Ministry of Culture has taken an interest in renovating the cities of the planet with a neo-classical theme after the success of Haporium which has become a popular tourist attraction. Architecture typical of all the major eras of Hapan history are found on Hapes Prime.


Hapes Prime is surrounded by four large satellites. It has been incorrectly stated by foreigners that Hapes Prime is orbited by seven satellites, which is incorrect. There are seven major satellites in the Hapan system but three of them surround other planets than Hapes Prime.

The moons bathe Hapes Prime in a constant light as their surfaces are partially covered by oceans and lakes that intensify the light from the Hapan star.

Flora & Fauna

Paan shrubs are found in most of the jungles on Hapes Prime.

The temperate planet is home to a diverse plant and animal life. The central continent is rich with Tik forests which have later been exported to several other planets. The trees are important to Hapan lumber industry as they are used for interior decoration.

The northern and southern continents have jungles filled with Paan shrubs. These are often used for landscape decoration as natural barriers such as hedges.

Much of the planet is covered with vast grassland fields which Hapan gardeners use to decorate the planet's appearance by cutting patterns, symbols and shapes in the places where the grass grows extra long.

The Bliz is a familiar sight across the planet. Hapans have domesticated the birds and let them live in Blizcots inside their homes. Also the Eye-flower Seaweed is a famous plant-like predator species which lives in the oceans of the planet.


During much of the Age of Queen-Mothers, the planet was administrated by the Royal Family with the assistance of House Vercii, a Tarii noble family. Since the Phoenix Age, the planet has been governed by the Prime Minister who is, ex officio, the Archon of the Capital.

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