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Hapan Nobility
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The Hapan Nobility is a term used to describe a number of individuals and their families or Noble Houses in both the historical and present-day Hapes Consortium. The nobility was, and still is to a certain degree, an elite class with power vested in them by the monarchs of Hapes Prime to govern areas of the Hapes Cluster on behalf of the throne. While they held considerable power and sway in more ancient times, the monarchs since the Dark Age have reduced the power and influence of the nobility in order to prevent a repeat of the Hapan Civil War which was largely made possible by power-hungry nobles. All nobles regardless of nobility level are refereed to as Lord or Lady.




Nobility and the concept of hereditary titles outside those held by the Royal Family was introduced by Queen-Mother Tini'duran III in 702 during the Antiquity Era. She felt that a feudal system of control would be most effective following the First Expansion Era where the Hapes Consortium was forced to keep more isolated colonies of the Hapes Cluster in check. The Queen-Mother believed that by granting titles and continuous benefits, the nobility would be loyal to the throne which was their source of power and the nobility would at the same time prevent each other from attempting to break away.

She introduced a set of titles which were considered to be above the commoners and their castes, but at the same time subordinate to the Royal Family. The same titles are in use today, though with some restrictions on power and only non-hereditary Lords are appointed.

Level Female (Basic) Female (Hapan) Male (Basic) Male (Hapan)
Tarii Grand Duchess Ta'din Grand Duke Tarix
Duchii Duchess Ducha Duke Duchix
Dukatii Countess Dukana Count Dukat
Turilii Baroness Turila Baron Turilit

Power & Influence

Under the Tini'duran dynasty, the Royal Hapan Navy was split in to the Consortium Navy, (consisting of convoy cruisers, system patrol craft and other smaller vessels) which was commanded by commoner officers and the Noble Navy (consisting of heavier defence vessels and attack cruisers) which were under the direct command of the local nobility. Under most dynasties, the Noble Navy received far more funding than the Consortium Navy and the power of the nobility grew significantly. The Royal Family therefore relied as much on the loyalty of the nobility to hold power as the nobility relied on the throne's resources to keep themselves in power.

Some nobility, such as House Olanji and House Par'wandi amassed enormous fortunes by controlling most aspects of society and economy within their own systems. It was not uncommon for Noble Houses to own most significant industry on their worlds, which often led to rivalries and competition between families. Some dynasties, especially the Cazin'turin dynasty permitted open war between Noble Houses during the Militaristic Era.

The power of the nobility became a large issue in the last days of the Pal'durath dynasty, the dawn of the Dark Age as princesses Ta'lan Pal'durath and Da'tan Pal'durath were each attempting to gain influence in Lorell Hall. Princess Ta'lan had hoped to push the Hapes Consortium in to a reform by restricting much of the nobility's power and centralise command to Hapes Prime. Princess Da'tan exploited the fears of the nobility (though some claim the nobility influenced her) and rallied some of the most powerful noble houses to her side as the tried to take the throne by force. This triggered the Hapan Civil War.

The Hapan Civil War wiped out a significant amount of nobility all across the Hapes Cluster as old rivalries and dislikes surfaced with deadly results. The nobility that survived the war were greatly reduced on power and many were stripped of their influence, while allowed to keep their titles. Most of them were shielded from embarrassing executions or loss of title by the Gallinore accords.

Titles & Power

Tarii (Grand Duchess & Grand Duke)

The Tarii is the highest level of nobility within the Hapes Consortium, answering only to the Royal Family. Noble Houses of this social level are given governance of a system within the Hapes Cluster which they rule on behalf of the Hapan throne.

During the Age of Queen-Mothers, only one noble of the level Tarii was permitted per system. Though some exceptions were made in cases where a Noble House would govern a discovered, yet uncolonised or distant/unimportant, system from a seat in a more central system. One example is Lady Shaa who ruled the Dreema system from her seat on Gallinore in the Gallinore system. Gallinore was at the time under governance of House Tyrridon. These noble houses were called Grand Tarii.

Also, the most important worlds of the Hapan system were under the rule of nobility considered Tarii.

A special case was House Olanji of the Charubah system where two branches of the same family held the title Grand Duchess and the family later intermarried, causing siblings to both hold the title. This dual-representation of Charubah in Lorell Hall was unique for House Olanji.

In historical times, the Tarii had a number of lesser nobility under their rule, such as Duchii, Dukatii and Turilii. The Tarii governed their systems from the capital worlds of the systems, while letting the Duchii govern the other planets on their behalf. The Tarii also had direct control over most of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces stationed in their system.

Duchii (Duchess & Duke)

The Duchii is the second highest level of nobility within the Hapes Consortium. Noble Houses of this social level are given governance of a planet within a Royal Dominion star system which they rule on behalf of the Hapan throne.

Dukatii (Countess & Count)

The Dukatii is the third highest level of nobility within the Hapes Consortium. Members of this social level are given governance of a moon within a Royal Dominion star system which they rule on behalf of the Hapan throne.

Turilii (Baroness & Baron)

The Turilii is the lowest level of nobility within the Hapes Consortium. Members of this social level are given governance of a city on a planet within a Royal Dominion star system which they rule on behalf of the Hapan throne.

Recent & Present Time

During the Phoenix Age, King Andrew I kept the nobility mostly out of governmental and military affairs. During the first years of his reign, he oversaw all transition of titles between nobles who died and their heirs, reserving the right to deny anyone he deemed unfit from gaining power. As time passed, he became more lenient as the power of the titles was fairly reduced and any individual wishing to gain influence and political power in the Hapes Consortium had to serve the Royal Hapan Armed Forces or Royal Hapan Government, working their way up the ladder.

King Andrew I appointed two nobles during his reign, both of which came from historically important families. The first was Jessy James whom he appointed as his heir and made Crown Prince in 4023. The second was Alexander Tylger whom he made Lord in 4025 by approving the transition of power within House Tylger.

In the Golden Age and reign of King James I many non-hereditary Lords have been appointed. Some have since lost or renounced their titles. Appointment is based on achievements either within military or government service, along with general length of service. The nobles are usually given a system to govern, though are given no power over local military and the like. The nobility's private security forces are fairly restricted and they are not allowed to ally with one another, or have any sort of armed conflicts.

When King Alex I began his reign in 4037, he also appointed people based on hard work and achievements. The first person to be appointed as a Lord was Andrew Starfyre in late 4038.

Lords appointed under King Andrew I:

Lords appointed under King James I:

Lords appointed under King Alex I:

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