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"Upon completion it shall be one of the wonders of the Hapes Consortium!"
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The Hapan Ceremonial Armour is an unique item of this type. It is worn on a daily basis by the Phoenix Guard and for ceremonial purposes by high ranking military officers. Its appearance suggest that it is a work of art that could be displayed in museums or art galleries. Indeed, it is one of the finest examples of craftsmanship in the known galaxy.

Unlike other known suits of armour, the Hapan Ceremonial Armours are not produced in factories on a mass scale, but rather they are created by craftsmen in workshops. The artisans that specialize in making them are usually people with immense experience in metallurgy and possess a great aesthetic sense who put extreme amount of skill and time into the process of their creation.


Manufacturing process

It takes many weeks to create a single set of armour as each set is given a unique emblem on the chestplate. Manufacturing of each set of armour also takes into account the dimensions of the specific wearer. It is this personal, individualized touch that adds to the intricate craftsmanship of the armour, but also the manufacturing time.

First, ingots of the highest quality of quantum, varium, and lommite are inserted to blast furnance, where they melt – each of those materials is carefully selected and ordered from known and verified sources. Quantities and proportions of materials that are melted belong to the most well-guarded secret which is passed from generation to generation, from father to son. The alloy is then spilled into the cast and left to cool down properly.

The real work begins after the mold is taken out of the cast. Artisans work it until it reaches the final and desired shape and then they begin to ornament it using finest and most precise tools. This phase of production also includes addition of basic electronics (universal translator, atmosphere analyzer, and mechanisms that support movement).

When there is a need to ornament it with precious gems, artisans use the services of the best available lapidists (gem cutters). Ceremonial armours ornamented with gems reach astronomical prices due to the immense value of the used materials and quality of craftsmanship.


The Hapan Ceremonial Armour is extremely light, yet it is also very durable and provides the user with excellent protection. Due to its low weight and the fact that it is manufactured for a specific individual, it does not limit movement, and perfectly fits the person using it – those that have worn the armour sometimes describe it as “second, thick skin”. What also must be noted are the servomechanisms that support, and even improve mobility of the person which uses the armour – greatly improving dexterity and subsequently the chances of survival during hostile engagements. Due to the fact that the Hapan Ceremonial Armour is issued to Hapans that serve the King personally in the Phoenix Guard or those that have earned the privilege of wearing the armour through military achievements, there is a sense of respect and entitlement that comes with the armour. It is generally assumed that someone who is fortunate enough to wear the Hapan Ceremonial Armour is not an ordinary citizen, but rather someone who has proved his or her courage, honour and intelligence in service to the King.

Hapan Ceremonial Armours across the Cluster

Because each set of armour is manufactured by an artisan and not by an automated factory, therefore each armour piece can be considered unique. It is not that surprising that artisan guilds on different Hapan worlds have different techniques and styles of manufacturing.

Ceremonial armour originating from Hapes often have ornaments that display Bliz, the Hapan national bird deeply rooted in Hapan Culture. Perhaps those sets used by the Phoenix Guard are the most interesting ones as they are decorated with one of the most precious gems in the Galaxy – the Ice Moon. If they could be sold on the market, one could possibly exchange a set for a good capital ship, as the price of such a set is astronomical. The armour itself displays the great economical success of the Hapes Consortium.

Those manufactured on Lorell have ornaments that refer to Hapan national values of Honour (H'Mortee Tree), Glory (date of the Second Battle of Gallinore) and Pride (symbol of Sun) to highlight the values important to Hapans, and to remind foreigners about that. Also due to the high influx of shady characters to this open world, armours produced there have reinforced rear plate to protect it’s owner even more and according to local needs.

Sets produced on other worlds also have features unique for the world on which they are created, usually in the form of ornaments that refer to local culture, presenting important historical event or a great historical figure.

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