Gun of Command

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Gun of Command
Production Information
Manufacturer RAGoC
Designer RAGoC
Model GoC mk X
Type Blaster Pistol
Cost 95,000 Hapan Credits
In Service 21733999
Technical Specifications
Capacity 10 shots
Damage Type Energy
Minimum Damage N/A
Maximum Damage N/A
Minimum Range 0
Maximum Range 4
Minimum Hits 0
Maximum Hits 1
Stun No
Weight 2 kg
Volume 0.1000 m³
Hands Required 1
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Draconian Union
Sword Confederacy
Victory Alliance
Era(s) Second Antiquity Era
Militaristic Era
Third Expansion Era
Decline Era
Dark Age
Conflict(s) Hapan Civil War

The Gun of Command was developed by the Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah during the Second Antiquity Era for use by the special forces of the Royal Hapan Army, such as the Cyborg Warriors of Charubah. The gun would disable the target's voluntary thought process, making them subject to every command the shooter would make.

Following the Hapan Civil War, production of the weapons stopped and they were outlawed in most regions of the Hapes Consortium. Today they are highly sought after collectors items and only a handful remain in the possession of private owners. Most of the private guns lack the rare power cell required to make it function.



Development & Function

Development of the gun began in 2168, but the Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah was unable to produce a functioning prototype until 2171. Testing of the prototypes on prisoners would sometimes have deadly results when initial versions fried the brain of the target, rendered them mentally handicapped for life and numerous other tragedies. House Olanji was initially very skeptical towards the development of the gun, especially with the prototype failures, and were preparing to put and end to the project when a successful prototype was developed in 2172.

The gun entered limited production from 2173 and on, being handed produced for the Royal Family, trusted operatives of the Central Hapan Intelligence Bereau and Cyborg Warriors of Charubah who were programmed not to give the gun to superiors without express permission from the Royal Hapan Palace. At a cost of 95,000 Hapan credits, it was considered too expensive for mass production, not to mention dangerous. Part of the reason why it was so expensive was because the power cell required fragments of Ice Moon gemstones.

The weapon released an electromagnetic wave field that neutralised the enemy's voluntary thought processes. This left the target unable to defy any order they were given, no matter how strange or deadly. Duration of the weapon's effect varied from species to species, with humans being influenced by the gun's blast from 45 to 60 minutes.

The guns took approximately 60 seconds to recharge, while each power cell could only fire ten shots before it had to be replaced.


The guns were usually silver or gold plated, giving it an elegant look as many were personally owned by the Royal Family.

The Gun of Command was utilised in several coups, such as the ousting of Queen-Mother Cazin'turin VII. Executions with the weapon were very frequent, especially when the nobility was making examples of captured pirates. The captives would be shot with the Gun of Command before being ordered to kill themselves, often in some creative fashion.

Some nobility and royalty with questionable sense of humour would also use the guns on their friends and servants and ask questions of personal nature, before being provided with an embarrassing but entertaining answer.

The Gun of Command was also used in some sections of the Hapan judicial system, forcing individuals on trial to tell the truth.

Famous Executions

Lyric Shaa

During the Hapan Civil War Countess Shaa of the Draconian Union used a Gun of Command on her younger sister, Lyric Shaa, who was the leader of the Tears of Dawnstar rebellion. Lyric Shaa was forced to thrust the vibrosword of Remiel Windcloud, her lover, through her own torso while he was watching.

Noted Private Owners

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