Fist of Ci'hani

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Fist of Ci'hani
Production Information
Class Tractia Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer Olanji/Charubah
Modifications None
Ordered 3971
Launched 3973
Commissioned 3973
Fate Destroyed in 3993
Museum ship as of 4034
Role(s) Flagship
Affiliation Draconian Union
Fleet 5th Draconian Order
Owner House Ci'hani
Commander Talia Qen
Battles/Events Second Battle of Queen-Mother's Pearls
Nineteenth Battle of Hapan
Eighth Battle of the Keltros Expanse

The Fist of Ci'hani was a Tractia Heavy Cruiser used as flagship of the 5th Draconian Order during the last three decades of the Hapan civil war. It was gifted to House Ci'hani by Princess Da'tanah and House Olanji in 3973 as a reward for Lady Zalin Ci'hani's successful leadership of the Draconian Union as Regent. The ship was a common sight in the Rim Worlds region and also participated in several of the conflict's largest and most critical space battles.


Role & Service

Unlike most of the other Tractica Heavy Cruisers in service, the Fist of Ci'hani was used in a number of offensive campaigns instead of being restricted to a strictly defensive role. House Ci'hani used the vessel as the spearhead for large scale invasions and raids on the Sword Confederacy and later also the Phoenix Movement.

By the Sword Confederacy it was nicknamed "Guardian of the Irrea Mist" as it was unconventionally used to patrol the region and would sometimes stumble upon Sword scouts, smugglers or raiding parties that tried to maneouver through the dense nebulae. Vicscountess Talia Qen was the ship's commanding officer who developed numerous tactics for use of larger and heavier battleships in hit and run type attacks.


Eighth Battle of the Keltros Expanse
In 3993 the Fist of Ci'hani ventured along the Nele'serin Arm and in to the Keltros Expanse in order to raid a Phoenix Movement base which was supposedly located there. It was, in fact, part of an elaborate trap set by several high ranking members of the Phoenix.

The ship was hit by ionic storms from the Transitory Mist which were intensified by the nearby star called Eye of Rel'amma. The ship lost shielding along with most electronic systems and was then targeted by the Phoenix Wing, commanded by Remiel Windcloud and Damar Cantii. Using heavy missiles, the ship was heavily damaged with most internal modules being destroyed in the explosion.


The wreckage of the ship was salvaged by the Draconian Union shortly after the ship's destruction and then placed in storage in orbit around Corpal in the Arxian system. In late 4033 the ship wreck was moved to the Mathonore system and eventually put on display in the massive display gardens attached to the Royal War Museum of Selab. It is the only wreck of a Tractia Heavy Cruiser that exists.

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