Eledri Olanji

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Eledri Ta'din Olanji
Nobility Information
Noble House House Olanji
Title Lady
Service Information
Branch of Service Draconian Navy
Highest Rank High Admiral
Last Position Fleet Commanding Officer
Ship Commander
Military Service Unknown–3998
Biographical Information
Species Hapan
Homeworld Olanji, Charu
Mother Alidra Olanji
Father Caldian Tenar
Spouse Wul Par'wandi
Issue Sehar Olanji
Born Unknown
Olanji, Charu
Died September 2, 3998
Gallinore, Alsace
Additional & Historical Information
Additional Positions -
Prior Service -
Awards TBC

Eledri Olanji (Lady Olanji of Charu) (Eledri Ta'din Olanji Charuah) was the elder sister of the Olanji Twins and the last Lady of Olanji. Along with her younger sister, Lady Aladri Olanji of Charubah, she led House Olanji in the final decades of the Hapan Civil War.

She was popular within the Rifle Worlds region, being considered a charismatic political figure as well as a capable naval officer and tactician. In addition to her duties as a noble, she was also the commander of the 2nd Draconian Order which she spearheaded with her command vessel, the Tractia Heavy Cruiser Star of Olanji.

As the elder sister, she made the decision to evacuate the Olanji family's estates and operations in the Charu system and also later ordered the destruction of the Charu Wheels, effectively hindering the later re-unified Hapes Consortium's ship production capacity for close to thirty years. As the owner of Olanji/Charubah she designed the Nova Battle Cruiser, which blueprints were later used as a bargaining chip for peace by the Draconian Union prior to the Gallinore Accords.

Olanji died at the end of the Hapan Civil War in the pivotal second battle of Gallinore. Her death triggered the suicide of her younger sister shortly after, abruptly ending House Olanji's lineage. The family's wealth was spread out across the Draconian noble houses, and assets such as Olanji/Charubah were later bought up by the Hapan state. A Golan II in the Charu system was recently named Eledri in her honour.

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