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"Upon completion it shall be one of the wonders of the Hapes Consortium!"
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Draconian Union
Governmental Information
Leader(s) Da'tan Pal'durath
Zalin Ci'hani
Lana Da'tanah
Government Structure Absolute Monarchy (3946–3998)
Triumvirate/Oligarchy (3998–4000)
Capital Lorell, Lorell system
Military Information
Naval Division Draconian Navy
Ground Division Draconian Army
Logistical Division Draconian Logistics
Societal Information
Political Ideology Conservative
Noble Houses House Da'tanah
House Tini'duran
House Tyrridon
House Olanji
House Ci'hani
House Liqavius
House Tylger
House Par'wandi
House Qunii
House Vali'dara
House Shaa
House Xarlac
Member Species Hapan
Official Language Hapan
Galactic Basic
Commerce & Industry Olanji/Charubah
Charubah Industries
Olanji Mining Guild
Zion Tech
Historical Information
Declaration 3946
Dissolvement 4000
Maximum Expansion
Major Victories Second Battle of Queen-Mother's Pearls
Major Defeats Second Battle of Gallinore

The Draconian Union was an alliance of conservative noble houses within the Hapes Consortium that attempted to place Princess Da'tan on the Hapan throne in 3946. As the Consortium splintered and civil war broke out, the Draconian Union became a conservative and militaristic governmental faction which ruled over the Rifle Worlds and Rim Worlds regions.

Style of governance within the Draconian Union remained fairly similar to that which its subjects had experienced during the Age of Queen-Mothers, though as time went by and all factions of the conflict endured losses, the situation worsened on many planets. The Union enforced the will of its leaders by sometimes using excessive force and totalitarian control on some of its member-worlds.

Following the signing of the Gallinore Accords in 3999 and re-unification of the Hapes Consortium with the coronation of King Andrew in 4000, the Union was dissolved.



Creation of the Union

The Draconian Union was largely the result of political maneuvering by Princess Da'tan along with House Olanji and House Par'wandi from 3942 on to 3946. Though the noble houses of the Rim Worlds and Rifle Worlds had entered in an illegal political alliance half-heartedly disguised as a trade union during the last decades of the Decline Era, Queen-Mother Pal'durath VII apparently had no time for the petty plotting of local nobility. She seemingly ignored them altogether, letting them do whatever they wanted, much to the worry of Interior region nobility.

In 3942 she appointed her firstborn, Princess Da'tan, as Overseer of the Rim Worlds and Rifle Worlds, much to the dismay of the commoner Archons. It became obvious to most that the Princess had aligned herself with the more powerful noble houses of the regions, such as House Olanji, House Par'wandi and House Vali'dara, in case there would arise a need for strong political support in a bid for the throne. Princess Da'tan showered her political allies with valuable trinkets and gifts from the Hapan system, while enjoying the benefits of rich allies. On her 17th birthday in 3943, she was given a Tractia Heavy Cruiser by the House Olanji-owned Olanji/Charubah.

As the Queen-Mother had not designated a heir among her two daughters, the two were drawn in to hefty political debates as their mother fell in to a coma in the late 3945. Princess Da'tan spoke of conservative ideals, the power of the nobility and advocating the feudal rule in opposition to the reformist Princess Ta'lan who spoke of a new and more centralised form of government.

The death of Queen-Mother Pal'durath VII in early 3946 and lack of clear choice in successor triggered the Lorell Hall poll of 3946 where Princess Ta'lan won by half a point. Princess Da'tan refused to accept the result and met with her allies, convincing them that action had to be taken if they didn't want to lose all political power. The Hapan civil war broke out days later as the Union attacked the Lorell system.

Rule of Princess Da'tan

Rule of Regent Ci'hani

Rule of Princess Da'tanah

Princess Da'tanah's took over leadership of the Union in 3979. Her style of leadership was more authoritarian than that of her mother.

Rule of the Tarii


The Draconian Union maintained a strict and traditional government which honoured the feudal structure of Hapan society established by Queen-Mother Tini'duran III. All Tarii noble houses were represented at the Draconian court either by the Lady (or later Lord) of the house itself, or a representative such as a Vilicus. The Archons were also present if the topics of discussion called for it, but they were usually excluded and met with the nobles of their region if required in separate meetings.

Historians of the Hapes Consortium have concluded that Princess Da'tan was heavily influenced by the more powerful noble houses such as House Olanji and House Par'wandi. House Ci'hani functioned as a buffer, giving the Princess a more neutral second opinion when required.

When Lady Ci'hani functioned as Regent following Princess Da'tan's death, she groomed Princess Da'tanah to be a more independent and strong ruler capable of dealing with House Olanji without risking the collapse of the Union.

Princess Da'tanah proved very independent and strong, establishing a firmer and more totalitarian system of control within the Draconian-controlled areas of the Hapes Cluster. She did not bow to House Olanji's wishes and rather ensured the rise and strengthening of other noble houses which were loyal to her and her cause rather than just their own interest. House Shaa profited from the Princess' trust and became a bulwark power for the Draconian Union.

Following the Second Battle of Gallinore in 3998, the Draconian Union was limping, having lost its leader and also House Olanji. The Draconian Union's leadership was reformed in to a type of triumvirate government with House Ci'hani, House Tylger and House Shaa in charge. At the same time the three leading houses relied on the rest of the Draconian leadership for support and could therefore be defined as a oligarchy.


Draconian Union

This article is part of the series on:

Draconian Armed Forces

Draconian Navy
Fighter Corps
Assault Fleets
Escort Fleets
Draconian Army
Royal Guard
Cyborg Warriors of Charubah
Belgorian Infantry
Draconian Industry
Zion Tech
Royal Armaments Guild
Charubah Industries
Campaigns & Battles
Siege of XY322098
Second Battle of Gallinore

The Draconian Union had a massive military force, partially thanks to House Olanji and House Par'wandi and their combined industrial might. The Draconian armed forces consisted of the following branches:

  • Draconian Navy
    • Draconian Orders (Flagship fleets)
      • Draconian Assault Fleets (Powerful smaller task forces for invasions)
      • Draconian Escort Fleets (Multi-functional smaller task forces)
    • Draconian Fighter Corps (Independent starfighters occasionally attached to fleets)
  • Draconian Army
    • Draconian Army Groups (Planetary garrisons)
      • Royal Guard
      • Cyborg Infantry
      • Belgorian Infantry
      • Other Infantry
      • Volunteers
      • Conscripts

Military Campaign History


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