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Charu System
Region Rifle Worlds
Coordinates -,-
Sun Charuzad (13,3)
Planets Morcelechoth (2,16)
Charubah (6,4)
Gonsuil (6,12)
Kiwen (6,18)
Olanji (7,5)
Jyll (8,10)
Daein (10,2)
Eldakiloth (14,6)
Moons -
Asteroid Fields -
Comets -
Population 22,393,662
Regional Governor Archon of the Rifle Worlds
Noble Houses House Starfyre
House Amethius
Discovered 350 (First Expansion Era)
Colonised 350 (First Expansion Era)
Local Industry Olanji Corporation
Historical Events First Battle of Charu
Second Battle of Charu
Third Battle of Charu

The Charu system is part of the Rifle Worlds region and is located on the very edge of the Keltros Expanse. The eight planets orbit the star called Charuzad and have been colonised since 350 during the First Expansion Era.

Most of the system's fame stems from House Olanji which originally colonised the system and later governed it. They turned it in to the industrial nexus of the Hapes Cluster as they founded many major corporations which became vital to the Hapes Consortium. Today the system is home to the Olanji Corporation and is governed by House Starfyre.



Age of Queen-Mothers

The Olanji family answered the Queen-Mother's call for expansion during the First Expansion Era and set out to explore the Keltros Expanse in the late 349. In the spring of 350 they discovered Charuzad and the planets orbiting it. Several of the planets, such as Jyll, Olanji and Charubah, were named after the family and several of its members.

In 381 the family founded the Olanji Mining Guild on Jyll which brought fame and wealth to the family. Eventually the resources were used to make the Olanji/Charubah shipyards in 469, which went on to become the premier ship producer of the Hapes Consortium. The Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah and Charubah Industries were founded by the family in 611 and 689 respectively. These super-corporations made the family wealthy beyond most people's imagination and also helped the further expansion of the Hapes Consortium and strengthening of the Royal Hapan Navy.

In 702 House Olanji was officially established as a noble house of the level Tarii. Furthermore, the family was given dual representation in the form of two Ladies, something which was unique within the Hapes Consortium. This made the Charu system and its governors a political and industrial superpower.

Between 2304 and 2389 Olanji/Charubah constructed the gigantic shipyard facilities which were later named the Charu Wheels. These space stations helped to further cement theCharu system's position within the Hapes Consortium.

Dark Age

During the Dark Age the Charu system was aligned with the Draconian Union and was considered to be an impenetrable fortress. Industrial capacity was at an all time high for most of the time-period. However, from 3975 and on, the system and many facilities within, especially those belonging to the Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah were targeted by smaller terrorist cells such as Tears of Dawnstar.

From 3988 the system was slowly taken over by the Phoenix Movement, a rebel group led by Charubah natives Andrew Starfyre and Derrek Florda. By 3991 House Olanji had lost control of the system and lived the rest of the Hapan Civil War in exile. They attempted to retake the system in 3997 but failed, destroying the Charu Wheels in the process. House Olanji fell in the Second Battle of Gallinore, leaving their assets to numerous other Draconian noble houses.

Phoenix Age & Golden Age

The system continued to be an industrial hub throughout the Phoenix Age and eventually Golden Age as the Olanji/Charubah shipyards and many of the other former House Olanji companies struggled to recover. In 4031 the remnants of the shipyard company were bought up by the Hapes Consortium and merged with the Hapan Consortium yards to form the Olanji Corporation.

Charu saw the first wave of new shipyards being built in 4032, followed by a second wave in 4033. At the end of 4034 Hapan Intelligence performed a risk analysis and threat assessment review, in which Charu scored at the top of the list for weak spots. King James and the Military Council made immediate plans to boost system defenses. In 4035 the system saw an estimate of twenty new Golan II defense stations being constructed and in a report from the Ministry of Finance the government confirmed the investment of an estimated 1.3 billion credits in the system between the years 4032 and 4035.

The system is currently under the administration of House Starfyre.

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