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Hapan Pride Campaign
Conflict:Hapan Pride Campaign
Date:November 2 4028 - August 24 4029
Place:Lorell, Lorell System
Outcome:Decisive Hapan victory
Previous:Hapan Civil War
Next:Operation Horizon

The Hapes Consortium

Black Sun & Affiliates


Head of State

Military Leaders


Military Leaders

  • Unknown †
  • Estimates by Hapes: 50 000 - 75 000 insurgents
  • Propaganda claim by the FF: 250 million civilians
Golden Age Military Operations

Black Sun CrisisOperation HorizonDellalt Conflict

The Black Sun Crisis and later the Hapan Pride Campaign (4028-4029) was a conflict of interests between the Hapes Consortium and the Black Sun conglomerate involving property on the Hapan commerce world Lorell. The situation started as a diplomatic stalemate and built up to full scale military operations and an intergalactic propaganda war. To date it is the largest and longest military conflict since the end of the Hapan Civil War.


Conflict Roots

Post 4028 Relations

During the reign of King Andrew, the Hapes Consortium and Black Sun conglomerate had good diplomatic relations. The King had authorised the importation of much needed medical supplies, foodstuffs, military equipment and raw materials to the Hapes Cluster which was effectively sealed off from the rest of the galaxy. The Hapan Civil War had put a great strain on the Hapan treasury and the united Hapes Consortium was struggling to make ends meet.

Following the assassination of King Andrew in 4027, relations between the Consortium and Black Sun dwindled due to an apparent lack of interest from Princess Storm to aide the new Hapan regime under King James. Storm was later replaced by Prince Keevan who in turn later named Qel Dar as his successor.

At the same time the death of King Andrew put an end to the planned Tri-Star Alliance involving the Hapes Consortium, Falleen Federation and New Anzat Order which would have created a shift in the mid-outer rim balance of power. The Consortium moved away from the planned interstellarisation and also dropped all plans of aiding the Rebel Alliance in their conflict with the Galactic Empire.

Under Prince Dar of the Falleen Huruk-Rah clan, Black Sun become more closely tied with the Falleen Federation which was under the leadership of another Huruk-Rah clan member; Prince Tholin. Kosh Naranek, former Governor of Lorell and intergalactic businessman was named second in command of Black Sun under Prince Dar.

Construction Projects

Lorell Prime as it appeared before the Black Sun Crisis

Over a year after the death of King Andrew it became apparent to the new Hapan regime that foreign products and aide were still in dire need. Plans began to make Lorell, conveniently located in one of the few gaps of the Transitory Mist, an intergalactic trade hub from which the Consortium could draw income from taxes and goods.

Many foreign corporations and some governments established large metropolises and embassies on the southern continent of Lorell. Black Sun and affiliated companies approached the Hapan government and obtained the necessary permits to build production facilities, service establishments and luxury housing along the north-eastern coast of the main continent. With swift precision, thousands upon thousands of square miles along the coast were developed and construction began.

It soon became obvious to Governor Choibacco that Black Sun did not have Hapan interests in mind with the development of Lorell. Much unauthorised building took place, ships carrying illegal passengers were seen making drop-offs in the middle of the night, and Black Sun expanded building outside the designated areas.

Conflict Begins

Diplomatic Stalemate

The leadership of Black Sun insistently denied any illegal activity taking place from their side in the Lorell system and accused the Hapan leadership of hearsay and libel. Governor Choibacco handled diplomatic negotiations on behalf of the Consortium, staying in direct contact with Prince Dar and Lord Naranek for weeks and months, during which time the illegal construction continued to spread across the northern hemisphere of Lorell.

King James himself became involved, speaking with the leadership of Black Sun via HoloNet channels and open debates. The actions of Black Sun enraged much of the Hapan population and there was a massive outcry for action against the foreign aggressors.

It became apparent that the Falleen Federation was sending its prisoners and criminals to the Black Sun cities on Lorell using false employee visas from the conglomerate's affiliates. Agents of the trade empire were governing these individuals as they exploited regular Hapan citizens in false business endeavours, blackmail and other organised crime activity.

Propaganda Warfare & Attempted Influence

In the spring of 4029, Black Sun took the conflict to an intergalactic and public level by spreading lies and half-truths about the Consortium via the major holonet news distributors such as GNS, TGT and IGN. It started with simple denial of illegal activity in the Lorell system, but soon changed back and forth between denying any Black Sun presence in the system at all to drawing on the public support of the Falleen Federation and other galactic factions.

The news shifted to slander King James, Queen Victoria and Governor Choibacco, stating that the Hapan leadership was solely to blame for any conflict of interest in the system. Prince Dar also contacted Minister Tylger and offered military and financial assistance for a coup if the former Lord was willing to take the throne and lead the Consortium in a more Black Sun-friendly direction.

King James himself ventured to Coruscant and later Bastion in order to discuss the ongoing situation on Lorell with the leadership of the Galactic Empire and also Dark Empire. Leto Chume, a retainer of House James, ruled the Hapes Consortium in his absence.

The 1st Fleet and vessels from naval command restricted most traffic to and from the Lorell System in this time-period in order to avoid any more illegal immigrants.

The Hapan Pride Campaign

The Hapan Pride Campaign became the overall designation for all Hapan military activity in the Lorell system from April 4029 to September 4029. The Royal Hapan Navy began a full lockdown of the Lorell system in mid April of 4029 and initiated a blockade of the planet. They received assistance from the naval forces of The Wraiths and also the coalition of Lorell corporations known as the Joint Security Force of Lorell.

Rear Admiral Lant was the senior-most naval officer present during the operation, overseeing all naval activities in the system. Commodore Shiel commanded the 1st Fleet during the first stages of the operation.

On the surface, the Royal Hapan Marine Corps began large scale troop movements towards the northern cities on the planet, as well as transporting tanks and walkers for the impending invasion of the shantytowns. Brigadier Lant was the senior-most marine officer involved in the operation.

Former Governor Choibacco was given responsibility of leading the Hapan government along with Leto Chume at this point as King James appointed him as Prime Minister. During the first stages of the operation, he was the commanding officer of the Joint Security Force of Lorell

Scout-ships and reconnaissance fighters were deployed to document the locations and types of buildings in the Black Sun cities as well as to document movement in the area and get an estimate on the population living in the area.


The Royal Hapan Marine Corps sent speeders in to the cities, notifying the inhabitants that the area was about to become a military conflict zone.

Approximately 500 000 000 inhabitants were relocated from the northern hemisphere and some other scattered Black Sun districts. Most of these were simply victims of real estate frauds, beggars and homeless, and victims of forced relocation by agents of the Falleen Federation and Black Sun. Only a small minority were actually directly employed by the syndicate while some were simply criminals sent there in mass relocation from Sun and Federation planets.

Operation Quickstrike

Operation Quickstrike was the initial ground operation performed by troops and vehicles from the Royal Hapan Marine Corps. They moved quickly in to several cities which had been positively identified as being owned by either Black Sun or it's affiliates such as the Falleen Federation, Omega Order Vehicles and Alissma.

Much time was devoted to entering buildings and moving out civilians who had failed to evacuate, possibly on orders from Black Sun in order to stall the Hapan military forces.

A notable participant of this operation was Minister BlackD who had answered the Royal Hapan Marine Corps's call for willing and experienced commanders to assist in ground operations.

Central Hapan Intelligence also participated in the operation under direct command of Director Mantra, Deputy Director Tanner, Minister Khan (of the MoT) and Operative Therain, transporting troops back and forth and arresting any individuals suspected of illegal activity.

Many employees of Juganoth Mining also participated as a ground force part of the JSFL, clearing up their own city-districts and aiding the Royal Hapan Marine Corps in other regions.

Shift in Hapan Command

By late June there were a number of changes in command within the Hapes Consortium. Most notably King James and Queen Victoria were occupied outside the Hapes Cluster, doing high profile diplomatic missions to appease all neutral parties affected by the situation on Lorell. Leto Chume continued his work as Regent alongside Choibacco Antaria who was Prime Minister.

In the Royal Hapan Navy, Commodore Tylger was appointed Chief of Naval Operations and given command of the 1st Fleet. He became the overall commanding officer of all Hapan Pride operations.

Command of the JSFL was passed on from Choibacco Antaria to his second in command, Colonel Delsarr. This helped put an end to most rumours of oppression of Falleens occuring on Lorell as Delsarr was a Falleen himself.

At the same time The Wraiths naval forces left the system as they were no longer required.

Operation Grandslam

Commodore Tylger views a live hologram feed of Miy'til starfighters in action on Lorell

It became clear that the seizing of all Black Sun facilities would require an enormous amount of time and troops. The Royal Hapan Marine Corps' lack of progress and success in taking most cities resulted in a shift in strategy. Commodore Tylger presented his plan for an alternate course of action. Operation Grandslam entailed the removal of all illegal construction on Lorell with a full assault by ships in orbit.

Some time was spent debating if it would be wise to bombard a planet within Hapan space and also checking with Hapan scientists what kind of consequence it would have on the planet's ecosystem. The document detailing the operation was given the stamp of approval and signed on July 6 by King James, Regent Chume, Vice Admiral Smith, Rear Admiral Lant and Commodore Tylger. Anyone still present in the Black Sun city-districts were given a week to get out before bombardment was due to begin.

The modified Tabder Heavy Hauler TFS Dweium Darkness was made official part of the Royal Hapan Navy under the name HRS Darkness and functioned as the command ship of the operation along with the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser CSY Leto's Pride.

On July 13 all ships of the 1st Fleet and support ships from the JSFL were moved in bombardment positions above Lorell and Regent Chume gave the command order 'Golden Glory'. Bombardment immediately began with the targeting of cities situated near the northern pole of the planet, but care was taken to prevent major melting of the ice caps.

During the operation, a Falleen targeting officer onboard the HRS Darkness sent wrong co-ordinates to the turbolaser batteries which almost resulted in the bombardment of northern Hapan-owned suburbs. He was reprimanded as he insisted it was an oversight, nothing more. Days later, the same officer gave orders which resulted in the targeting of a skyscraper complex in a Black Sun city where some five hundred Hapan marines were located. 360 were wounded and 140 killed. The officer, along with numerous of his accomplices, were executed by spacing a few days later.

In total 25 city-districts were subject to the bombardment of which 19 were levelled completely. In addition to the two command ships, four Nova Battle Cruisers, one Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, one Carrack Light Cruiser and one Marauder Corvette participated in the actual bombardment. Two wings of Miy`til Interceptors were also used to remove some smaller buildings by use of missiles. Bombardment lasted for approximately 45 days at which point Operation Grandslam was considered concluded and Operation End Game began.

Black Sun Reaction

Black Sun shifted away from the claims that it did not have a presence on Lorell once again with Prince Dar giving speeches on the situation in the Lorell System live via the HoloNet. He made claims stating that the Royal Hapan Navy was committing genocide by murdering civilians located within the cities owned by them and their affiliates.

In one later newsbroadcast, Black Sun announced that they had deployed one of their defence fleets from Kiffex to intercept the 1st Fleet over Lorell and put an end to the 'war crimes'. No Black Sun fleet ever showed up at Lorell, but The Wraiths later reported the presence of the Dark Star along with numerous other Black Sun vessels outside the Hapes Cluster.

Under apparent pressure from his cousins, Prince Tholin announced a national day of mourning within the Falleen Federation for all those innocent subjects of the Falleen government that were supposedly losing their lives in the Hapan operation.

Operation End Game

Operation End Game was the designation used for the deployment of troops in to the ruins of the bombarded cities. The Royal Hapan Marine Corps sent ground troops to most locations, made sure the area was clear, then deployed a homing beacon to mark it as secure. Colonel Delsarr and Commodore Tylger also participated in this operation, visiting the ruins of several cities. It is said that Tylger retrieved a Black Sun signet ring from the corpse of one Falleen.

Operation Dark Shroud

Operation Dark Shroud was the result of a Victory Star Destroyer from the Dark Empire dropping out of hyperspace within the Lorell system while Operation Grandslam was still ongoing. The 17th Fleet under Commodore Starfyre was dispatched to escort and monitor the ship with the assistance of some JSFL ships. It had shields and weapons powered down at all times and insisted that it was merely monitoring the ongoing situation while protecting the Imperial Embassy station near Lorell. After Operation Grandslam was concluded, the ship departed.


Promotions & Awards

Alexander Tylger was promoted to Rear Admiral, permanently instated as Chief of Naval Operations and his title Lord was reinstated. In addition to this, he was awarded the Silver Medal of Tactical Achievement and Silver Medal of Combat for planning and executing Operation Grandslam and Operation End Game.

Lanxek Delsarr received a Letter of Commendation for his efforts during both Operation Grandslam and Operation End Game. Berin Cormeril, Zanrike Valandil and Wedge Thrawn all received Letters of Commendation for excellent performances during Operation Grandslam.

Freymas Lane, Marc, Zidane Strife along with 360 troops from the Royal Hapan Marine Corps were all awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded during Operation Grandslam by friendly fire from orbit. The families of 140 troops who lost their lives in the same incident were presented with Purple Hearts.

Indy Foreman's family was presented with a Purple Heart after he was killed in action.

Effects on the Hapes Consortium

The Hapes Consortium emerged the situation as a triumphant victor with many assets gained. It also proved a valuable exercise for the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. The Consortium manifested itself as a major intergalactic power not to be trifled with and has since enjoyed the status of "the good government" of the galaxy, despite being relatively indifferent towards intergalactic opinions.

Effects on Black Sun

Black Sun disappeared from public eye shortly after the end of Hapan military operations on Lorell, clearly publicly humiliated by their defeat. Bounties were placed on the heads of all of the conglomerate's leaders by the Hapan government. In the year that followed, Plojo Rosom became the new Prince and led the group on to a more peaceful era. Black Sun has not been in conflict with the Consortium since the Hapan Pride campaign and present day relations are good. Interviews of former operatives of the group revealed Black Sun nearly went bankrupt after the failure at Lorell.

Effects on Lorell

The clean up of Lorell is still ongoing even today as the planet has a large population and not enough jobs to employ them all. Plans are now being brought to life to develop the old city-districts where Black Sun's shantytowns stood. Shipyards from the Olanji Corporation have been built around the planet, as well as major research stations. The planet is widely recognised as one of largest centres for intergalactic trade. Dozens of corporations and governments are represented on the planet's surface and the system is host to four trading space stations.


The Royal Hapan Navy ran drills and exercises following the campaign, training for potential blockades of Falleen Prime and Kiffex should the call for revenge be too strong to control. Nothing ever came of this, though scout-ships brought back intelligence on defences in the two systems.

Choibacco Antaria maintained his personal grudge and devoted his security corporation The Antarian Rangers to hunting members of Black Sun against advice and warning from Hapan command. When two of his officers were taken in to custody by Tara Tylger, bodyguard of Rosom, and the Consortium refused to get involved, Chume ended his friendship with Hapes, resigning all positions and allying himself with the Rebel Alliance.

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