Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle

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Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle
Production Information
Manufacturer Olanji Corporation
Designer Olanji Corporation
RHSC Engineering
Product Line -
Commissioned 4031
Model Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle
Class Transport
In Service 4031-Present
Technical Specifications
Length 30 meters
Width ?
Height ?
Weight 90 T
Volume 2939.0 m³
Sublight Speed 50 MGLT
Hyperspeed 5
Engine Units HC X thrust engines (2)
Hyperdrive Adila-class hyperdrive
Manoeuvrability 2
Power Plant Jyll IX Reactor
Ionic Capacity 50
Shield Generators CI Generator (1)
Shield Rating 110
Hull Rating 100
Targeting Systems RAGoC targeting computer
Sensors 1
Armament Heavy Laser (2)
Ion Cannon (1)
Special None
Crew Pilot (2)
Passengers 40
Weight Capacity 13 T
Volume Capacity 29 m³
Consumables 3 weeks
Affiliation Royal Hapan Navy
Royal Hapan Army
Royal Hapan Support Corps
Role(s) Troop Transport
Light Cargo Hauler
Era(s) Golden Age
Conflict(s) Dellalt Conflict

The Atlas Troop Transport Shuttle shuttle is one of the newer ship designs to come out of the Olanji Corporation's shipyards, only becoming part of the fleet in recent years. With a rapidly growing Royal Hapan Armed Forces, the need to quickly and efficiently transport personnel from one place to another prompted the Royal Council to request its’ design and commission in early 4031. The shuttle was designed in a joint effort by the Royal Engineering Corps and Olanji Corporation, and put into production later that same year.

Far more efficient than using capital ships, freighters, or fighters to transport personnel, the result was a stylish and fast transport that has quickly earned a place in both branches of the military. The Atlas shuttle rolled off the assembly lines at an astonishing rate, due to its lightweight construction that helped keep material cost down. With strong engines and a roomy interior, the shuttle quickly proved itself capable of delivering entire squads or personnel in a single trip. While normally not armed, the shuttle can be modified fairly easily to have a minimal weapons package installed, giving it some small ability to defend itself.




With a growing military comes a growing need for equipment to handle the logistics of personnel and ships alike. To meet the need for personnel logistics, the Royal Council requested the design and commission of the Atlas shuttle in early 4031. Working jointly on the design, the Royal Engineering Corps and Olanji Corporation finalized the design four months later, which was quickly approved and production began later that same year.


Thanks partly to the low costs involved in producing the shuttle, and the high demand for its service, the Atlas rolled off the assembly lines and into service, with several commissioned in each branch of the military. It is rare to have any division of either branch without at least one Atlas shuttle providing transport for its’ personnel.

The first military action in which the Atlas shuttle was involved in was the Hapan blockade during the Dellalt conflict in the summer of 4031. While not actually in production at the time, the first two prototypes of the Atlas, the HRS Tini’duran and the HRS Trini’qar were stationed with the 3rd Escort fleet during the blockade in anticipation of a possible ground assault to protect Nikklon Mining; but were never actually put to use in a combat situation during the conflict.

While the Royal Council smiled and seemed pleased upon hearing the name of the first prototype, more than a couple scowled at the name of the second, named after Vali Trini’qar, a convicted and later pardoned war criminal. Some of the more important designers refused to budge on the name, arguing that Trini’qars techniques and tactics forever changed the way the Royal Hapan Navy employed its ships in space combat. The Royal Council begrudgingly allowed the name to stay, knowing that the most acknowledgment Trini’qar would ever receive would be a prototype shuttle, that would not likely see much service. Strangely, while on a routine pickup in the Charu system, the HRS Trini’qars engines malfunctioned, sending the shuttle into careening into the star Charuzad, causing the deaths of 5 marines, 1 new recruit, and it’s pilot. The event was given a brief investigation, and the cause of the malfunction was never determined leaving the investigation inconclusive.

Ship Statistics

Design & Hull

Taking its cues from the successful designs of the Hetrinar Assault Bomber and Miy'til Interceptor, the Atlas shuttle draws its inspiration from them while at the same time producing a new look that is uniquely Hapan. The crafts small size and room interior make it a perfect tool for transporting personnel. A large transparisteel window provides an excellent visibility. Not intended to be a fighter, the hull is thinner and lighter than that of the Miy’til, giving it a hull rating of 100.


The Atlas Shuttle comes out of production unarmed, a weapons package is usually added to the shuttles upon delivery to the Armed forces. The most common weapons package consists of 2 heavy lasers and a single ion cannon.


The ship has a single CI Shield Generator, mounted between the wings over the passenger compartment, giving the ship a shield rating of 110.


2 HC X fusial thrust engines provide all the propulsion needed to move this small and light craft at sublight speeds up to 50 MGLT. A single Adila-class hyperdrive rockets the shuttle between systems at a hyperspace multiplier of 5.

Famous Atlas Shuttles

The HRS Trini’qar was the second of two prototype Atlas shuttles. Its controversial naming after the accused war criminal, Vali Trini’qar, and subsequent destruction under mysterious circumstances is the occasional topic of conspiratorial holovids.

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