Alidra Olanji

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Alidra Ta'din Olanji
Nobility Information
Noble House House Olanji
Title Lady
Service Information
Branch of Service Draconian Navy
Highest Rank High Admiral
Last Position Fleet Commanding Officer
Ship Commander
Military Service 3946–3972
Biographical Information
Species Hapan
Homeworld Olanji, Charu
Mother Stendri Olanji
Father Jude Cisko
Spouse Caldian Tenar
Issue Eledri Olanji
Aladri Olani
Born March 2, 3909
Olanji, Charu
Died July 7, 3972
Olanji, Charu
Additional & Historical Information
Additional Positions -
Prior Service -

Alidra Olanji (Lady Olanji of Charu) (Alidra Ta'din Olanji Charuah) was a Lady of House Olanji and the mother of the Olanji Twins, Eledri Olanji and Aladri Olanji. Following the re-unification of the two branches of House Olanji in 3906, Alidra Olanji was born three years later and ruled the Charu system in unison with her younger sister, Xania Olanji, from 3927 and on.

Seeking to expand the power and influence of House Olanji, Alidra Olanji - along with her sister - befriended and supported the young and ambitious Princess Da'tan in the political debacle that took place in the final decade of the Decline Era. As the Princess' largest economic and military supporter, the Olanji sisters helped trigger the Hapan Civil War in 3946, which later claimed the life of Xania Olanji in 3955.

Under her lone leadership, House Olanji reached previously unseen heights with their industrial corporations benefiting greatly from the cluster-wide conflict. While she was very much an important advisor and power behind the throne when Princess Da'tan reigned in the Draconian Union, her influence diminished under House Ci'hani's regency and consequently the family's position was weakened under Princess Da'tanah's reign.

She married Caldian Tenar and had twin daughters which later succeeded her after her death in 3972.

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Preceded by:
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in union with
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Succeeded by:
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